3 Compelling Reasons To Use Spotify Ads For Your Business

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spotify ads

The streaming powerhouse Spotify has just announced its expansion of its own beta, enabling brands and organizations to create audio advertisements for its own platform. Advertisers may upload a script in which Spotify will offer the voiceover, or upload music that’s 30 minutes long. Accompany the sound using a 640 x 640 picture with apparent branding and also a call to action, and you’ve got a Spotify Ad!

Spotify is just another platform to get in the front of your intended target audience and make sure your brand has been exposed to them literally anywhere; such as in between their favorite songs. Spotify Ad Studio makes it easier than ever to get to the correct people in the perfect moment. Firms of all sizes have the capacity to use Spotify ads and here are 3 reasons your own brand needs to be advertisements on Spotify too!

That is a very large pool of participated listeners that advertisers could target on Spotify through their self-serve audio advertising platform. And they are not only blindly listening, Spotify’s listeners are actively choosing to follow their favorite songs, instead of simply putting something to function as white noise in the background.

Spotify Ads For Your Business

Capturing the Listeners Attention is Limitless

Data from Spotify demonstrates the average user spends 148 minutes streaming either podcast or music every day. Users can also be listening from the minute they awake in the morning until they are prepared to turn in at evening. Listeners are streaming the sound they need, any time they need it and where they need it. This provides advertisers a massive opportunity to improve brand exposure about their new or business between tunes!

With many users picking music streaming programs over listening to this radio, then that’s a good deal of time which may be used for Spotify Ads!

small businesses need to use spotify ads to boost brand awareness

Spotify Ad Targeting Alternatives

To your overall demographic targeting, then you can aim by location, age, and sex. For much more granular, you can target according to a listening platform/device.

Another great targeting attribute is by listening behavior. You may target your advertisement according to your viewer’s music preferences.

All Music: Attain just as much of your viewers as you can across all music tastes
Genre: Goal your audience based on particular music preferences
Playlist Category: Goal folks in your audience That Are listening to audio tailored to particular activities and moods (I.E. Workout playlists, cooking playlists, etc.. )

Does your small business sell wholesome food? It’s possible to target individuals listening to this”Cooking” or perhaps”Workout” playlists.

Spotify Ads For Your Small Business


Based on a Nielsen brand research, audios advertisements have proven a 24% increase in remember compared to classic display. Spotify ads are a new and advanced method for smaller to medium sized companies to develop brand awareness.
With that said, Spotify’s continuing expansion is not something to dismiss. Together with their expansion, their marketing platform will expand as well, therefore it is important to observe how this stage may subtly fit into your electronic advertising efforts.

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