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What’s the Relationship Between Social Signals and SEO?

In the Digital Marketing realm, the heavily debated topic of social signals and SEO correlation is only begun. Though this has been the case for a few years now, it’s really only just begun in my opinion. Do a quick google search and you’ll find a ton of research that studies the correlation  between social…
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3 Ways to Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Program

As a digital marketer, one of the best things about the job is how quick you’re able to see the results of a digital marketing campaign strategy. With a lot of real-time data and the ability to accurately pin-point your digital marketing program’s success or failure, it’s the ultimate instant gratification for those that don’t…
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facebook messenger marketing & chatbot

Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Chatbots to Amplify Your Sales Pipeline

Communication has changed. This may sound like a trendy thing to say at a cocktail party for a lot of people, but for marketers, it should be a wakeup call. We cannot afford to be left behind. We must keep up with our audiences. Over the last 10 years “keeping up” has led to the…
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Bad digital marketing advice

Digital Marketing Advice that Makes You Say WTF?!

There’s some basic people out there that wouldn’t have an original thought if it saved their life. Digital Marketers are supposed to be Mavericks, the gun slingers of the wild internet. But, it never surprises me when I see Digital Marketing Advice that’s just plain terrible if not dangerous to give. So here’s the question…
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2018 Guide to Using Facebook Groups for Small Business

Have you been thinking about using Facebook Groups for your small business marketing? Are you thinking about how you can promote your product or services through Facebook Groups? The choice to create a Facebook group or simply join an established group that’s managed by another boils down to your use case and timelines to achieve…
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Guide to Using Facebook Analytics to Boost Your Advertising Results

Are you taking advantage of the actionable data Facebook offers marketers? If you answered yes, that surely means you have you explored the Facebook Analytics dashboard and seen all the wonderful goodies it has to offer. Facebook Analytics is a robust tool that lets digital marketers explore users’ interactions with advanced goal paths and sales funnels…
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facebook audience insights

Facebook Audience Insights for Better Targeting

  Facebook Audience Insights is without a doubt the most robust and powerful analytical tools for identifying your ideal target audience,in your social media marketing toolkit, given you understand how to read the data and use it to your advantage. Audience Insights doesn’t cost anything to use and provides one of the best insights on user behavioral and demographic…
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best practices in the mobile age

Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age

It’s not shocking that video use is becoming common practice; especially in regard to the social strategies of small and large businesses. Video content is being consumed at a massive rate now more than ever. Studies show that video content, especially on social media channels like Facebook, have much higher engagement rates and are generally…
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Let’s Build a Badass MarTech Stack With These 13 Awesome Apps

Let me guess, you still believe that your marketing technology – MarTech stack – is king of the jungle, don’t ya? Dude, let go of 2017, that was so last year, times have changed. Let me guess, your customers are dropping like flies out of your once bullet-proof funnel. Total site engagement is drowning in…
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