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Exclusive roofing leads
Exclusive Roofing Leads | Boost ROI With Marketing Automation

Stop passively wondering when your next job will fall into your lap and let me show you how to generate your own supply of exclusive roofing leads!

So, if you want guaranteed roofing leads, grab the damn bull by the nuts, and let’s dive into some badassery in the wonderful world of online contractor marketing for roofers.

What if I told you that I could take all guesswork out of your roofing  contractor marketing efforts, show you how to generate exclusive leads for sale, and revamp your outbound roofing  sales strategies with marketing automation technology. Maybe that’s not convincing enough so add to that list saving you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration.

Sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it? Kinda like I’m pulling a joke on you, type of sweet.

Truth be told, I’m not. Atlantis does exist… just like you having your own roofing leads.

Exclusive roofing leads with marketing automation software

Welcome to the future of internet marketing and roofing appointments

Marketjng automation technology is about to change your life forever and allow you to take control of your job workflow pipelines with predictable and actionable data. Coolest part is that you’re not going to have to learn, practice, or do anything to take full advantage of it!

This isn’t some sort of regift, uhh I mean reseller, package consisting of unbounce and Google AdWords (needlessly to say that you’ll have to also learn and master to use optimally. So, good luck with that and keeping a business open), like we’ve seen being marketed to roofing contractors out there.

What I’m referring to is the same automation technology the big boys use to crush it online and now you’re able to do the same but not having to pay anywhere near the high prices of marketing automation tools like Marketo or Pareto start our charging.

The beauty of this marketing automation system is that for 4 to 5 times less than big box packages I referenced above charge we are able to build  contractor automation systems that are setup and ready to go within a few weeks. To build your own will probably take 2-3 times this amount of time so plan for it accordingly.

In today’s digitally driven era, roofers are constantly competing with one another for their piece of the proverbial local leads pie. Cost Per Click (CPC) prices in AdWords over the past 5 years shows the same trend.

Every single day that goes by makes it that much harder for roofers to obtain exclusive leads at a price that has a ROI (return on investment) of at least 3-to-1.

Establishing an online presence for your contracting business is hard enough, but maintaining that presence and keeping up with your competition is even harder. Just think about how many times per day major corporations publish on their all their social marketing channels.

For the average business owner in the roofing industry to compete would translate to spending 100% of their time attempting to catch up or burn every dollar and then some on a marketing team.

Well, that is till now..

From maintaining a website and sending the right marketing message, via email or chatbot, to roofing appointments at the right time to engaging their social media audience so that they stay in the forefront of their minds can be exhausting – not to mention prohibitively expensive.

This is where using marketing automation technology to generate your own exclusive leads for your roofing business makes a huge difference.

The end result are shorter sales cycles, lower costs per sale, lower cost per lead, and far greater marketing campaign ROI.

By managing effectively and segmenting your lead nurture campaigns, an ROI of greater than 500% is well within reason.

Simply put, roofing contractors that don’t implement marketing automation technology in their business will soon be outpaced in efficiency and scale by those that do. And when they do, it’ll take any edge you might’ve previously had in generating online roofing leads exclusive to your business.

Cheaper exclusive roofing leads with marketing automation

Online Reputation Management and Automation Tools To Boost Lead Quality

Reputation management and customer reviews is going to continue growing in significance. This is also where marketing automation technology for roofing companies comes into play by identifying at risk clients and alerting the appropriate project managers and even the business owner immediately so that they can run pre-intervention before any issues get out of hand and cause a client to leave (high client churn rates are not favorable as they’re a sign of something wrong in your systems and processes that you need to optimize) as well as potentially leave a negative review on Google.

Marketing automation tools will simplify your lead generation workflow from the first touch point all the way through to post-sales satisfaction and future maintenance job upsells.

Exclusive roofing leads generation

What Is Marketing Automation For Contractors, And Why Do You Need It For Roofing Leads?

If you are struggling with trying to keep up with marketing schedules and activities or if you are tired of burning your money up on your roofing marketing initiatives that do not have positive results, then you’ll likely benefit from marketing automation technology to generate your roofing leads.

Marketing automation, also known as Martech, is a software environment that assists those that want to generate exclusive roofing leads by automating ongoing repetitive tasks like social media posts, client onboarding, emails and their sequencing, client satisfaction, and a whole lot more of other useful interactions that helps roofing contractors have peace of mind that everything is being managed right so they can focus on doing what they do best, building their company and fixing clients leaky roofs!

Due to the fact that many small and medium-sized businesses are experiencing the powerful benefits of marketing automation stacks, this field is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, 49% of companies today are currently using a marketing automation system of some varying degree to simplify marketing daily tasks. More than 50% of B2B businesses are adopting marketing automation technology.

By using marketing automation to convince and convert your mlead, you can manage, organize, and prioritize marketing tasks like generating, nurturing, and closing roofing leads exclusive to your business with half the effort.

Lead generation automation technology also positively affects the sales process, helping you to reach your goals that much faster.

Generate better exclusive roofing leads for roofing contractors with marketing automation technology

Let Us Be Your Exclusive Roofing Leads Marketing Partner

We generate leads exclusively for roofing contractors on the internet that works with small and medium-sized contractors to create results-based marketing campaigns for roofers using internet  marketing automation technology to streamline their marketing efforts and to boost their revenues.

We focus on the behavior, needs, and interests of your prospective leads that are always exclusive to you in order to improve your entire experience with your brand, and to also boost conversion rates so it takes less time to achieve your business goals.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the costs and ad budget waste that exclusive leads can do to a marketing budget by focusing on strengthening the channels that drive the most leads and sales opportunities, while cutting those that don’t produce.

You know your customers inside and out, and we know how to find guaranteed roofer leads. By working with you to get to know your customers, Marketing Media Wizard can put our roofing marketing automation skill set to in motion towards customizing the platform to your branded voice.

Marketing automation for exclusive roofing leads for contractors

Marketing automation tools to nurture qualified leads helps roofers to:

  • Define a online marketing strategy that is aligned with your business goals
  • Generate, nurture, and increase lead quality
  • Streamline sales and marketing campaigns & strategies by tighly coupling them together
  • Define a solid content marketing strategy for roofing contractors that is aligned with your customer personas
  • Track leads generated through each marketing channel
  • Study buyer behavior
  • Communicate your roofing brand and messaging via the appropriate channels
  • Create effective landing pages that are designed to turn traffic into exclusive leads
  • Design and develop a lead nurturing strategy for roofers that appeals to your ideal customers
  • Track results and improve return on marketing investment results

By taking advantage of our contractor marketing automation technology for roofing services, you will not only save valuable time by streamlining the background processes  work, but also you will save money on the marketing campaigns that aren’t generating qualified roofing leads at a profitable ROI. That alone is reason enough to use an automation technology to boost your roofing contractor business.

Make marketing automation for your roofing business and exclusive leads  really work by teaming up with Marketing Media Wizard. Contact us today through the chatbot here on this site or by sending a message to learn more.

Generate home improvement leads for your business
10 Tricks to Generate Home Improvement Leads For Your Contracting Business

A contracting business that is able to generate home improvement leads has mastered the process of attracting and converting strangers and cold prospects into the best leads for home improvement who are ideal candidates for making a purchasing decision on your product or service offering.

One of the most, if not most, important functions a successful business has to master in order to survive and thrive is being able to generate their leads. For a business to survive it needs a continuous stream of new potential customers. The best improvement leads are those who have indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form.

Whenever a cold prospect shows an interest in your business, it’s the prospect that’s initiating the relationship with you, rather than you, the business, initiating the relationship with the prospect.

This makes it easier and more natural for the prospect to want to make a purchasing decision from you somewhere down the line.

This article covers 10 best home improvement leads generating methods you can implement today in order to then be nurtured into paying customers for your contracting business.

What is a home improvement lead?

To generate home improvement leads that are qualified with purchasing intent becomes a potential buyer of an item or service. A home improvement lead is generated for your business when an individual demonstrates interest in your product or service and in turn for something of value provides their contact information.

This value proposition is what we call a sales hook, a lead magnet. A contracting business must generate leads for home improvement that are qualified so that your contracting business is able to continually generate revenue. This is done by matriculating the lead through your sales funnel workflows towards a sales event. A successful contracting business should have a well defined strategy to generate home improvement leads, at the lowest price, which have intent to make a purchasing decision at any given point in time.

Contractors that successfully generate leads do so in various ways, such as online advertising, social media promotions, trade shows, email, as well as numerous other off line marketing techniques.

The list of techniques to generate leads for home improvement services is endless and only bound by one’s creativity.

Look at it this way, if you are able to generate home improvement leads, but only have an average product or service, you still win! This is because leads means more revenue for your business. And revenue means there’s the potential for more profit.

Home improvement leads generation

How to generate leads for home improvement online?

Nowadays to generate online leads for home improvement  has become a lot easier due of the availability and multitude of online platforms and channels. For example, social media provides an excellent communication conduit for promoting and engaging your brand with consumers by directly connecting with them anywhere in the world.

It’s almost a given that your contractor business must have an established brand presence on social media channels as well as a clean and modern mobile friendly website that web searchers can easily find and review the products or services you’re offering.

Given this, it’s easy to understand that online marketing for contractors is one of the best techniques to generate home improvement leads in modern marketing.

The following are 10 techniques to generate leads for home improvement that you might consider adding into your contractor digital marketing mix.

10 Techniques to Generate Home Improvement Leads to Increase Online Sales

1. Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

By now, it should be obvious that content marketing is one of the staples behind driving quality web traffic to your website in an effort to consistently generate home improvement leads that will eventually turn into sales. The more focused your content marketing is on solving pain points and communicating directly to the needs of your targeted audience, the more likely those website visitors will be likely become loyal customers of your brand’s product or service.

Your content marketing efforts must focus on one thing and one thing only which is providing value to your target audience in the form of tips, tricks, how to’s, and more. If you remember to focus on solving your target audience’s pain point on every content article you carefully craft, you will eventually find success in generating well qualified and the best home improvement leads.

High quality content can also be a benefit for your contracting website as it will draw more attention to your site from influencers and others within your industry in the form of backlinks, which boosts your organic traffic through your home services SEO efforts. Backlinks are one of the most important aspects in getting your content and contractor website ranked on the first page of Google’s Search Results Page (SERPs).

Be sure to add relevant pictures, video, and infographics to expand the reach and engagement of the article, as well as give your target audience a more visual way to absorb your content (not everyone learns the same way so mix it up to appeal to more than one type of learning pathway).

By allowing your website visitors to self-discover your interesting tips, local events, how to, or news interest articles, will help to establish your authority and brand presence in the home improvement industry.

10 Techniques to Generate Home Improvement Leads to Increase Online Sales

2. Be Active in Discussions and Forums to Generate Leads for Home Improvement

Potential clients are everywhere online and they’re most active on all discussion sites also better known as forums. Forum users will discuss any and all issues related to a business’s product or service. Forum users are there most of the time posting about these issues in order to interact with other skilled people who can help them.

This is the place your home improvement business can provide solutions to their problems as well as keeping your brand center stage in front of them, aka positioning. This is the one best techniques to generate home improvement leads you can use that doesn’t cost money. All you have to do is search the forum discussion boards and have an active presence on them and make sure you’re timely in responding to inquiries on a consistent basis.

use quora to Generate Home Improvement leads

3. Generate Leads By Connecting With People Through Quora

Quora has been proven as one of the best methods to generate leads, like roofing leads for example, that you can use to actively engage with consumers and answer their questions regarding your product or service.

However, this does not mean to go on there and be slick fuckin Rick and start hard pitching them your company. Do that and your blackballed and wasted time.

What makes Quora an excellent technique to generate home improvement leads is that it connects you with your target consumers in a question and answer format. As a professional contractor, you can make a profile and answer questions and can interact with the people in need. It’s a good platform to generate home improvement leads and very helpful in the B2B lead generation side too for those that are commercial contractors.

The purpose of Quora is to connect skilled individuals and company’s who have the information and skill sets with those who seek it. The focus is on uniting individuals with varying points of view in an effort to diversify one’s way of thinking and/or learning on any given subject.

Quora provides everyone with a chance to share their insight and unique perspective they may have gained from practical application and experience. You can easily participate in this knowledge sharing social media platform and  promote your business without spending a dime. Additionally, you will get first-hand experience and knowledge in order to know and understand your target audience’s pain points and how to provide them with a solution which will amplify your home improvement lead generation efforts many times over.

10 Techniques to Generate Home Improvement Leads to Increase Online Sales

4. Generate Leads by Sharing Videos on Social Media Sites

Sharing videos on social sites is another solid method to generate leads for home improvement that doesn’t require money to begin doing. There is the number of web-based social networking platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so forth, each having a unique way to engage with your target audience.

YouTube is the most popular social channel for sharing video content. YouTube isn’t only a video sharing site; it’s also the 2nd largest search engine behind Google. This social platform allows your organization to create and maintain your own contracting channel where you can share recordings with respect to specific occasions and events, instructional based videos, previous jobs that displays your ability to do awesome ass work, and just about anything you cant think of.

This will help your company stay in front of your rivals which helps in your  contractor leads activities to procure new and ongoing sales leads.

All you have to do is create a video, add it to your channel and share the simple, concise and easy to digest informational videos in order to attract new leads that will eventually land on your company’s website.

10 Techniques to Generate Home Improvement Leads to Increase Online Sales

5. Optimize your Website

The leads you obtain are only as good as the website that produces them. If you look at examples from some of the top converting home improvement lead generation websites, you can learn what and why works on that site and apply the same techniques to generate exclusive leads on your website.

As an overall rule, there are general elements that should be found on every landing page you use, which includes: company phone number, short contact forms (example: full name & email), social proof in the form of customer testimonials, videos that directly speak to your audience, the use of powerful action verbs such as “get”, “feel” and “have”, with a consideration of your end-goal (get their contact information), and always test, test, and split test again.

Additionally, you must follow the best on-page SEO techniques to ensure your content gets listed by the search engines.

Generate Home Improvement leads tips for online audience discovery

6. Discover Your Target Audience through Social Media

The one thing you should take into consideration when using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is that you can showcase your brand in front your exact intended targeted audience. With the internet and social media, everyone is online 24/7 and using social media platforms consistently, with reports showing user averaging several hours per day.

Thus it’s a platform where you can find home improvement leads and by sharing the quality information generate these quality leads a lot more easily.

With Facebook and Instagram we can target and generate exclusive home improvement leads by socio-economics, for example, age, sex, occupation, single, married, area, instruction, interests, with the sky being the only limit. Putting your capital resources to work in social communities may be one of the best methods to promote your contracting business online, given the present market conditions.

Generate Home Improvement leads to get attention of the press and media

7. Catch the Attention of the Press to Generate Leads

This old school marketing tactic is one of the most reliable ways to generate the best home improvement leads. There are numerous reasons for including press releases as part of your overall marketing strategy, they can play a very powerful role in making your target audience take notice of your business.

Simply put, your target audience can not conduct business with you if they do not know that your brand exists.

This being the case, a press release can generate awareness of your brand.

When you launch a new product or service, one of the first things that should be done is to issue a press release informing the public of it.

You have to provide the context as to what the main pain point is that your product or service solves. If you remember to answer the question, “Why should I care?” for both the journalist who will be reading your press release and the target audience interested in your niche, you will be able to get it in front of a large number of eyeballs which translates into web traffic.

Press release distribution platforms such as PRNewsWire will get you traffic from various local and national media houses.

However, if you self-publish your press releases on your own website it will count towards your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in order to drive free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

google adwords to Generate Home Improvement leads

8. Generate Home Improvement Leads with Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) online advertising model to generate leads for home improvement services with intent is a great way for your contracting business to grow. No matter what Home Services niche you are in, you can reach your target audience who are ready to buy from you on a daily basis based on understanding their search term patterns.

One of the main things you should focus on is your quality score which Google rewards advertisers whom have a high enough score with lower cost per click (CPC) and higher ad positions.

In order to improve your Adwords Quality Score (QS), you have to stop targeting junk keywords and try to increase your bid with match keyword phrases.

Remarketing also can increase your Quality Score, because you will be targeting people who have already shown interest in your product or service from a previous ad from the initial search query they performed.

It’s important to recognize the impact of mobile devices have on your Adwords for contractors advertising activities, so that you can optimize your account accordingly.

My past experience shows that it’s a lot easier to convert mobile users who click your ads, on both search networks or display networks, mostly due to the intimacy a mobile device provides.

Just like we touched on earlier, make sure you optimize all of your landing pages, so that web visitors can easily find the information that they came to the page for or the action that you want them to take next.

 generate home improvement leads tip public speaking

9. Public speaking to Generate Home Improvement Leads

Another low cost way to generate leads is to give a keynote presentation at an event like trade shows, conferences, and business events that your consumer would attend. Talking on an occasion and introducing your brand instantly gives you name recognition, popularity, and acknowledgment as an authority leader in your given industry.

This will actually raise you from the several different merchants or specialist co-ops attempting to get noticeable.

What’s more, by catching up with individuals you meet at the event in a convenient manner, you remain in their mind. The people remember more what they have heard rather than what they have seen, thus making it an excellent method to generate leads and sales.

generate Home Improvement leads by using seo for best lead gen activities

10. SEO (Best method to Generate Leads & Online Sales)

Google is continuously improving and changing which makes the search results more relevant and useful for the end user. Given that over 90% of all search result clicks are not paid advertisements gives us reason to invest significantly more resources and thought into SEO for contractors strategies than attempting to blackhat hack Google’s algorithms in order to rank quickly on the search engine results pages (SERPs) with techniques that will eventually get your site banned and potentially delisted.

A safe and sound approach you should take is focusing on longtail keyword phrases that your target audience conducts searches on. For example, whenever somebody enters a particular keyword phrase, your website could be listed at the top of search engine page for that particular keyword, given the competition is low enough and that you have high quality content with a word count of at least 1500 nowadays.

It is imperative that your website have solid on-page technicals for home improvement SEO to become effective. This means before you worry about backlinks for authority sites in your space, you must focus on each pages content and structure.

To generate home improvement leads you have to have a solid knowledge base of SEO best practices and tactics.

After strictly following the best practices, home improvement SEO will be one of the best lead generation techniques that will bring a continuous stream of website traffic for years to come.

If you are unsure of these best practices you can always hire a home improvement SEO agency to conduct search engine optimization in order to ensure best long term results.

Home improvement leads tips


Now that you’re aware of the Top 10 Techniques to Generate the Best Home Improvement Leads and Increase Your Online Sales, you should start with the first technique, learn everything you can about it, prior to implementation.

Once you build up your skill level in these techniques, it will be much easier for you to get optimum results and an increase in sales. These tactics to generate leads for home improvement are a few of the best methods for internet marketing for contractors and are used by a majority of contractor digital marketing experts and business owners around the world.

You can always consult Marketing Media Wizard if you have any questions regarding these 10 tactics to generate leads.

How to Understand the Marketing Metrics That Really Matter

When you’re running a digital marketing campaign, how do you measure your return on investment (ROI)? In our data-driven world, there are numerous marketing metrics out there, but which ones offer the information that counts?

A bad habit that many digital marketers fall into is only focusing on the marketing metrics that are simple to track (like followers or clicks) but these numbers are often lacking when it comes to providing in-depth insight about the success and/or failures of your digital marketing campaigns. This is why it’s vital for digital marketers to access a variety of marketing metrics when it comes to analyzing their campaigns. Understanding these marketing metrics will help to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and with the right strategy in place, work to increase profit.

So, are you ready to step up your digital marketing game? Let’s move into the marketing metrics you need to start paying attention to right now to improve your company’s profitability.


Marketing metrics Traffic Share by Channel

Traffic Share by Channel

You might already be tracking the efforts that are resulting in more hits to your website or landing page. Traffic, overall, is a needed marketing metric to measure but it gives very little insight into what parts of your campaign are actually working. To ramp things up, you’ll want to analyze your overall traffic share, which will let you know exactly where your traffic sources are. Also, monitoring traffic share will show where your traffic is coming from and how much traffic you’re getting from each source. These numbers will show which traffic sources to focus your attention and marketing budget on.

In Google Analytics, you can visit the acquisition section to learn more about which channels are driving the highest amount of traffic as well as engagement and conversions. You can also add links with tracking capabilities into your posts.

Marketing metrics consumer engagement

Engagement ratio

Want to know how many users are interacting with your posts? While gaining and growing a following is important, if the audience isn’t engaging with your content, you won’t see much in terms of ROI.

To determine your engagement ratio, you’ll need to track likes, comments, and total shares on your content. Compare this to how many posts you’re putting up on any given day and your total number of fans. This ratio will provide invaluable insight into the quality of the following you have built.

Most social media sites will give you access to these analytics for free. Visit the account or administrator section of your profile for details.

Marketing metric analyzing unique website traffic and visitors

Unique and Returning Visitors

Looking at website visitors as just a number will not give you the information you need. Tracking how many unique visitors are coming to your site provides more insight into how your campaign is performing. If you aren’t reaching a new audience with your content, your posts may not be worth the money that you’re spending on them.

On the flip side, if you don’t have any returning visitors, that’s bad news, too. People should be engaging with your brand well beyond the original click. If they’re not, then your marketing efforts are definitely not reaching the people who will ultimately contribute to your bottom line.

To track new and returning visitors, visit the audience section of Google Analytics and find “behavior” on the menu. There, you will find information on the different types of visitors coming to your website and any other insights that will be useful to you.

Digital Marketing metric bounce rate

Bounce rate

Getting visitors to your website is half the battle, but are you holding their attention? The goal is to get visitors to click beyond your homepage, which is only looking at the total number of visitors is not enough information. That metric tells you how many people landed on your site, but it doesn’t reveal how much time they spent looking at the content.

If many of your users are clicking on the website but then not exploring any further, it suggests two things:

Google Analytics will give you information on your bounce rate. Additionally, you can find the average amount of time users are spending on your site and individual pages. If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce your bounce rate, Google’s got you covered.  

Check inbound links as a digital marketing metric

Inbound links

Why do inbound links matter? Well, a great indication that you’re providing valuable content is when other businesses and websites start to link from their content back to yours. Having high-quality inbound links from authoritative websites will also boost your SEO efforts.

It’s also important to track inbound links so that you can make sure that spammers aren’t linking to your content and hurting your online presence.

How do you track inbound links? You can use Google Analytics to view your website’s referral traffic. This metric will show you who is linking to your website and what content they’re linking to. Monitoring this on a regular basis will allow you to see who’s finding your content useful.

Use digital marketing metrics to qualify leads from lead gen activities

Qualified leads

After getting new fans on social media and more traffic on your website, you might think that those things alone will guarantee you a large ROI. This isn’t always the case. What really matters is determining if those leads are qualified or not.

The truth is that there is no way to guarantee that a certain number of fans online or website visits will translate into your desired number of sales. However, you can get information about which portion of your audience is likely to purchase your product or service. How many people went beyond your social media pages or homepage to sign up for the email list? Did anyone take a free course? Did a prospect contact your customer service department to learn more? These are your qualified leads.

The way to track this metric down depends on the tools you’re using. For example, if you’re running an email campaign with software like SumoMe or Mailchimp, those services will provide you with qualified lead analytics.

Digital marketing metrics analyze sales leads

Sales leads

The next step beyond figuring out the number of qualified leads is determining how many of those leads are converting to sales. After all, the goal of marketing your business is to gain new customers and to make more money. So, where are the people who are buying your product coming from and how are they finding you?

Remember, you don’t need to be doing billions of dollars in sales for your marketing campaign to be considered a success. What you should pay attention to is which digital marketing strategies are working and resulting in sale leads.

How to track this metric will, again, depend on the product or service you are selling. However, most applications will give you information on how many sales you made and where they came from. Do not forget to factor this in when you’re looking at your campaigns as a whole. 

Digital marketing metrics content cost shocker

Content cost

Now that you have a better understanding on campaign performance via the metrics we discussed above, another question arises: How much is this costing you? Are the ads you’re purchasing and running on Facebook driving more traffic than the cost it took to create the ad in the first place? If so, you have a problem.

Companies can easily spend anywhere from $500 to $25,000 per month on social media marketing. It only makes sense to double down on what’s working and eliminate the campaigns that are not. This is how you maximize your marketing dollars.

So, how do you know what kind of content is worth the money? Add up what you’re spending on each outlet per month, and compare that to the number of qualified leads and conversions you’ve gained. Doing so will allow you to see how much each piece of content contributes to your customer acquisition.  


The key to understanding the marketing metrics that really matter is by digging into analytics beyond the surface. Sure, you can access the “easy” numbers at any time, but the key is being able to dive into the truth behind how your content is performing. This is what will ultimately drive better results and earn you a bigger ROI.

There are a plethora of options out there when it comes to how you can track these results. But it is critical that you’re able to get information on each effort individually.

And, keep in mind, the statistics you find as a result of your current marketing efforts can change in the blink of an eye. The difference between a great campaign and an average one comes down to listening to what your audience is telling you. When it comes to digital marketing, your performance goes beyond the ability to gain an audience. You want a quality audience and you must have the ability to continue to engage with them in the ways they respond to. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply pay attention to the right marketing metrics and work to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns over time.

Building A Home Improvement Digital Marketing Agency: Meet The Founder JD Parkman


JD Parkman: before becoming an Entrepreneur

My name is JD Parkman and I’m a 38 year old disabled US Marine Veteran, former healthcare and education technology entrepreneur, full-stack software coder specialized in Ruby on Rails and Angular Javascript, author, former ranked PokerStars poker pro on Team Moshman, and now a certified Google Partner and digital marketing enginner.

Since 2005, I’ve used the power of internet marketing to build several multi-million dollar businesses with nothing more than a laptop, phone, and a dream to be creative and successful. All the things I’ve done in life leading up to now is what defines me. Some things are good, others I cant say I’m too proud of, but nonetheless it’s who I am and what led me to pivoting MMW to a results driven home improvement digital marketing agency.

I normally don’t look back at my life, but now that I’ve taken the time to I realize it’s been a long, hard road. One filled with more potholes, losses, and pain than I care to even admit to myself.

Sometimes, while sitting here, all alone staring at this screen, I wonder if it was worth it.

If you’ve never had someone laugh at you, ridicule you and leave your side when you needed them the most, then this isn’t an article for you, this one is.

However, if you’re the type that’s not had an easy journey building their best business and can resonate with what I’ve said thus far, read on.

I’m not here to brag about the money I earn because my dream is bigger than that. Money comes and damn sure goes a lot faster. Money is of little importance, it’s the thrill of being creative, of overcoming the struggle and coming out the other side scratching your head wondering how the hell you did that.

It’s about personal pride. Knowing deep within that you and you alone did something.

My ambition or goal in life is to build something that helps others, that somehow gives back to those less fortunate or perhaps capable. Either way I’ve always wanted to improve society and Ive yet conquered that goal. Not even sure anymore if I ever will or if it’s even attainable.

My start as an entrepreneur wasn’t anything most would want to talk about. In fact, I’ve never told anyone about it till now.

It’s not embarrassment nor shame that kept me from speaking, it’s just that I don’t think many people would or could understand or give a flat out shit.

And honestly, they probably still won’t.

Im a deeply private person, rarely use social media, and will admit here that all my social channels were grown using scripts I wrote. Performed really well, was very shocked. But that ain’t me, I prefer to stay behind the curtains and strategize. Do all the thinking so to speak. I’m an INTJ personally type on the Myers-Briggs which simply means I’m the uncool introvert lol.

Actually, I’m pretty dope. Sometimes

But if there’s at least one person out there that this could lift up and help out, then it’ll make it worth it in my opinion

JD Parkman

JD Parkman: United States Marine Corps

My adult journey started off with the events of 9/11. I was in college living the fraternity life and on that day my life changed forever. I left school to enroll as a US Marine so that I could join the other fearless men, in the protection of our beloved country.

The events of 9/11 royally pissed me off and I knew that deep down I had what it took to go get some. I joined the United States Marine Corps as a machine gunner in an infantry line platoon.

My career lasted five and a half years until I was injured and medically retired from service.

JD Parkman: 1st Time Lead Generation Experience

After that, I chose not to fall down, quite frankly I got more motivated because I couldn’t stand the thought of being anything other than fully capable of kicking ass.

I started my career briefly working at AIG before being recruited as a door to door salesman in a healthcare technology startup.

Sales just isn’t, or I should say, wasn’t my thing and I wanted a way out of it. So, true to my form, I used my creativity and developed an email marketing system that switched my role of chasing around doctors to having them call me instead calling them. It took 9 long months of hand typing email addresses and names into a spreadsheet, but when I completed it, I never had to do the parts of this job I despised.

That was my first inbound lead generation funnel and I fell in love with using mathematical reasoning to make money. That made sense to me, I enjoyed building mouse traps, and it just worked so I never stopped.

Fast forward four years, and I had successfully built up a multi-million dollar healthcare tech startup by using just a laptop and phone. Zero marketing dollars were spent by the company which forced me to create my first lead generation funnel, which directly contributed to where I am today. It was through those struggles that I developed my ability to build mousetraps to guide a buyer through an educated decision making process.

JD Parkman: Education Technology Entrepreneur

After my usefulness in building this company had come to an end, I felt that it was time for me to go on my own. I left the company and started an edtech company called MyAcademicProgram.

During this time, I worked even harder (20 hour days, 7 days a week for 4 years straight. Not one day taken off) and I filed 2 provisional patents (both algorithms – 1 being the MAPScore which evaluated the cost to benefit ratio of attending a college and degree program to the outcome of it, which was how much you would make coming from that school and degree program.

I raised half a million dollar seed round from angel investors which I used to feed the high cost of development.

A couple of years passed, so did the many ups and downs such as losing all employees and contractors due to cash flow shortages.

This forced me to learn to code in multiple programming languages such as Ruby on Rails and Angular.js so I could build the product myself. Failure just wasn’t an option. Never has been nor shall it be.

In under 90 days from when i first started learning how to code, I had finally built the app my damn self.

I published it and that’s when I learned I had a lot more work to do in order to get traffic through both SEO and PPC marketing, because not a damn soul (other than my mother) knew about it or visited it.

I spent the next 6-7 months building both marketing campaigns.

In the end, I found success through Facebook Ads by targeting students in India with study abroad affiliate marketing promos.

The application was being used as an international student portfolio and recruiting app where the slogan was: “You are more than a test score, show off your individual talents which make you unique.”

I ended up having great success bringing in Indian students by the tens of thousands day to the application.

Everyday I’d speak to 20-30 of these young students, hear their plight for help to come to America and receive an education so they could provide the basics for their families. All they wanted was just a better life.

All was fine and dandy, until it wasn’t anymore and the app and startup I had spent years building were gone.

JD Parkman: Failure & the Birth of an Online Marketing Agency

My day of reckoning came mid-December, 2015, and with 2 weeks left until Christmas, I was fucked. I was in substantial personal debt from trying to keep the business running.

In fact, I was so broke I can remember looking at my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and the bare floor around it because I couldn’t afford Christmas presents for my kids. The hardest memory that still hits me hard to this day is how I felt about myself not having my kids Christmas presents.

To top it off, the utility bill was due in 3 days, which meant the power would be shut off, and it is was cold outside. Certainly no place for kids.

Talk about the ultimate feeling of failure. I led my now ex-wife and kids into the foxhole with me and now they were about to pay for it dearly. I never cared about myself, but to have done this to my kids was unbearable. But still, I never pitied myself.

I knew I was going to get out of this, but had no idea how. I’d always relied on my ability to solve any problem, but for this I had no answers. While I was touching up a resume I hadn’t used in years, while I felt the full force of the shame and guilt of putting my family into such bad financial terms. It was all my fault we were where we were and I couldn’t look any of them in the eye.

While miserably applying to be an assistant manager at a title loan store, which I didnt even get an interview or call, I went to a freelancing job board where I landed my first client within about 24 hours of continuous applying to over 100 gigs.

I even had to borrow, I think around $40 from my mom, and using her credit card I bought enough credits to keep applying to jobs.

That’s when I came across this one job posting for SEO and website work and the job poster had left a site url so i went to the website and after poking around I found that the contact form onsite was broken, so I reached out on Facebook to my first digital marketing client – Pam Didner

She does’t know it till this day, well  nobody did until now, but Pam saved me by paying me $25 an hour to rebuild her website, conduct onpage SEO work, as well as advertise her upcoming conference event that was held in Switzerland.

I worked my ass off, even on Christmas and New Year’s Day, but in the end I had enough money to get my kids presents, pay the bills in time, so our electricity didn’t get cut and most importantly, have food on my family’s dining table.

Since that day, I’ve spent over the past four years building MMW to what it is today on the basis of integrity. My clients know that they can trust what I’m telling them and that’s been the main ingredient to my success, as jt outta be for anyone.

JD Parkman: It’s Far From Over

Since 2015, I haven’t looked back. I have made my living as an digital marketing engineer by building my online marketing agency which services Fortune 500 companies like Intel, and grinding it out in pure entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the best people I’ve ever met, and even call most of them my friends.

They lifted me up at my toughest moments, gave me an opportunity and of course, they gave me the referrals I needed to succeed.

Now, as I continue to fight my ongoing battles, I’ve realized that the struggle is continuous and is just part of the job title I have now.  I welcome it.

Along the way, I must say that I learned it’s all about the people, helping other ambitious people succeed, just as I had been given that opportunity, now 4 years ago by Pam.

Thank you, Pam. I never told you what I was going through because I was always dedicated to completing the job and true to Marine fashion I leave my personal problems checked at the door. But I will always remember you for giving that 1 opportunity I desperately needed to keep from becoming homeless.

Digital Marketing gave me freedom. It gave me a life. It gave me purpose and a reason to stay up and grind for 3 days in a row. I do it for my kids and the wonderful clients I have the pleasure of serving

This piece goes out to all those who are either starting out and struggling or facing new hurdles in their career path. Never pity yourself, and stop doubting. It’s wasted energy that you need to focus on solving your current issue to keep on keeping on.

Remember, nothing comes easy, nor should it. But you cannot ever give up, because giving up is the only true failure in this life. To all those who have chosen this life and all of its struggles: fight like hell until your very last breath, because if you quit you quit on people like me and all those that come thereafter.

And that’s just not acceptable in my book. Embrace the struggle because one day it’ll be your story to wow people with.

8 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Any Leads

If your site is fighting to gather prospects, odds are you want to change your own mindset. A frequent pitfall individuals make is by positioning their own site for a booklet of their services and products. This is the incorrect way to consider doing it. Your site must be a marketing tool that is actively generating prospects. In reality, the only goal of advertising is to create leads. From there earnings turns leads into earnings.

Your site should be bringing in leads out of 3% of your customers. Here are some reasons that You Might Be struggling to reach that amount:

1. You do not have a very clear call to action. A call to action is among the fastest way to transfer people towards a conversion. Thus, your CTA ought to be clear, eye catching and notable. Each click is an outcome.

2. Your site is not structured as a funnel. 1 approach to avoid using a”booklet site” is by organizing your site so that it functions as conversion funnel. To put it differently, every click must serve 1 purpose: Development.

If hills were not slanted, water could not leave it down into the village. You need to direct your customers in the ideal direction with organized flow. Not only does this make them feel much more comfortable with your website, but in addition, it lets you collect data on the specific pages where they’re abandoning the procedure. This information can assist you to course right.

3. Your organization is not human enough. A really off putting attribute of a site is when the business data is minimal, concealed, or overly corporate. This may be as straightforward as having apparent contact info or an’about us’ page using a business narrative and pictures of workers.

Consumers wish to do business with brands that they trust. Business videos would be the most persuasive means to set up confidence and reveal the human side of your organization. Additionally, it shows a degree of professionalism and experience, particularly if in comparison to competitors who do not use comparable content. When showing clients that you’re sure to talk to your particular target market to make the most of familiarity.

4. You require a blog. The ability of sites are highly suppressed and mostly misunderstood. Blog’s are among the most effective ways to enhance your rank on Google. It’s possible to boost your natural prospects by providing valuable information on your business blog. Also, however, the traffic generated by sites are of individuals that are really interested in your goods. To put it differently, quality prospects.

Websites also offer you with regularly updated content which you could share across all stations, such as social websites.

5. You are not offering anything. In the conclusion of the day, businesses exist to earn money, so obviously most of your site is targeted towards that. Nonetheless, you need to give a bit to get a little. If that is not feasible, an extremely straightforward method is by supplying more info. Most often, clients are not prepared to purchase since they are not comfortable enough with your goods. Instruction is motivation to purchase.

6. Your prospects are not assembled on advice .A conversion isn’t only obtaining a sale. A conversion is anything from opening a free trial for a traffic email address.

To be able to maximize your lead generation, you want to use conversion webpages to catch as much guest info as you can. Your site should have kinds in strategic areas. A simple one is at the contact page. If clients wish to contact one they will need to complete their name and email.

Another fantastic way to place your forms is by simply putting them as gateways to provides.

7. Your site is lack-luster. With so many people using site builders such as Squarespace and Wix, websites are getting an increasing number of cookie cutter. It makes standing outside online hard. That is why using a customized site designed is much more critical than ever. Do not sacrifice uniqueness for intuitiveness — traffic will almost certainly leave your website if things become too complex.

8. You do not possess a social networking presence. It is sort of absurd to run a company nowadays without social websites. Roughly 70 percent of Instagram users frequently participate with brands.

The attractiveness of social websites is that individuals are able to follow precisely who they enjoy and what they enjoy. Put simply they could target whoever they need. Social networking leads are a few of the most powerful, people are seeing your articles because they wish to.

Quick Hint on the Best Way Best to Generate More LeadsIf nothing appears to be working along with your direct generation is feeling stagnant, then begin taking a look at the competition. Perhaps it doesn’t always work for you, but it is going to give you a good notion of just how and why clients flock towards particular companies. This does not mean copy your opponents, rather the opposite in fact.

As you’re taking a look at the dynamics of different businesses in your industry think about what’s unique about your own brand. As soon as you’ve isolated this component, run with that. People are a lot more inclined to construct a relationship with a new which feels fresh and exciting.