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Contractor Leads | DIY Contractor Leads Generation Machine Part 1

Tired of dealing with internet marketers like me and want DIY your own contractor leads generation machine? In this article and subsequent series, I’m going to teach you exactly how I’ve built hundreds, if not thousands, of ass kicking lead generation funnels so that you can too and never have to rely on someone like me again.

Google Adwords for contractor leads

When building your own contractor leads generation machine, it’s generally viewed that Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising model converts better than any other search networks such as Bing or Yahoo.

I’ve ran over 200 ad networks in my career and have used every single type of traffic sources and ad types and can tell you now that Bing should be included, though it’ll be at a much lower rate than AdWords. I’d say that Bing Ads will have a budget 1/4th to 1/5th of what you’re spending on AdWords. So if you’re spending $100/days on Adwords, you’ll allocate $20-25/day for Bing paid ads.

Best damn part about running Bing is that we will only do so after dialing in our Adwords campaigns, and then simply import it to Bing and 5 minutes later, with no work or knowledge on how to use Bing required! Just make sure you dial your Adwords in first (keyword groupings, winning ad copy, and damn sure better have negative keywords in otherwise that’s how people get taken to the cleaners with no results).

Bing Ads for contractor leads

So what about the social channels, because using just Google Adwords and Bing does not translate it into being the only option you should only use when developing your own contractor leads generation sales funnel.

Three reasons why Google Adwords shouldn’t be the sole focus in our contractor leads generation campaigns are:

  • Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) are typically more costly than other inbound marketing methods, especially compared to SEO.
  • You’re missing out on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn which provides a different method of targeting fresh contractor leads sources for your sales pipeline.
  • Google Adwords PPC advertising isn’t the easiest to scale as other contractor leads marketing campaigns, which leads you to hitting the point of diminishing returns rather quickly during the scaling process because only around 3-4% of a users search results in an Adwords paid click, rest going to the top 3 organic results, as well as local 3 pack.

So as you can see with paid Google ads it does not generate a whole lot of contractor leads as compared to other methods such as SEO for contractors, given there’s generally 5-to-10 profitable contractor  niche-specific keywords that actually convert contractor leads to a sale.

Contractor leads sales funnel

The trick here is to refocus your attention from the bottom of the sales funnel back to the top of funnel, where we first discover who our ideal prospects are in the awareness stage.

Additionally, contractor leads at the awareness stage are going to cost a lot less and is another reason why your top of the funnel focus with generating leads is almost always more profitable than the bottom.

Or, think of it like this, garbage in equals garbage out.

If you’ve tried building your own lead generator before, I’m wiling to bet this is where you failed.

Contractor leads sales funnel

Scaling at the Bottom of the Funnel isn’t Long Term Viable

Adwords works well because it has user intent and it’s quick to produce leads, compared to SEO that easily takes 2-3 months before you see anything. What do I mean when I say AdWords has user intent is that people actively search for a specific need, click on the search engine results page (SERPs) that returns a the best answer to their search query, and finally they’ll possibly opt-in or buy a product of service.

When generating contractor leads, what matters most is the last touch point simply because it’s an easy way to track the lead generation campaigns return on investment (ROI).

Just like any self-fulfilling prophecy, the more attention placed on it, the more it just works! It’s a miracle! Which more than likely translates into a budget increase in generating contractor leads, because it simply works as planned.

But, as you’ve guessed correctly, there’s always a downside with such simplicity. The major issue here is in the longterm Scalability of this strategy.

Contractor Leads Generation: The Top of the Funnel is Where You Make Profits

Lead Generation Scalability

Scaling your contractor business is the critical issue especially when you are paying $30-to-$80+ per click on Google Adwords. Conversions might appear to be good, but there’s always a point of diminishing return that every Adwords campaign faces. In a lot of cases there’s simply not enough availability of buyers in your local area which will allow your business to grow beyond six figure revenues. In other cases, there’s not a large enough margin to be able to take those funds and repurpose (reinvest) in other areas of your business. Other times you could be up against the big boys that’ll just outspend you and force you out.

Trust me I’ve seen and done it all, so maybe I’ll write an article on how you can use some of my tactics to crowd out your competition and dominate the internet, even if they’re bigger and have more money than you.

Generating Bottom-of-the-funnel leads for contractors using Adwords works well because you can put down a few hundred dollars and see a couple come in not long afterward (given your Adwords account is setup and dialed in. If it’s a new account or one you’ve paused, it’ll take 30 days or so before Google lets you bid on the money keywords. Welcome to the sandbox).

It’s that important for every single dollar you put in you’re going to get two back. Have you ever heard what Vegas was built on? Haha, right, don’t we all wish, and as you guessed it, here’s where more problems enter the picture.

Contractor leads Generation: The Top of the Funnel is Where You Make Profits

High priced cost-per-click (CPC) search keyword terms will easily inflate your Cost Per Leads (CPL). A high CPC alone will exponentially increase your monthly leads generation advertising budget. It’s not uncommon to see a $20,000/monthly Google Adwords budgets in super competitive leads generation niches and that’s just at the low end of the ad budget range, not the high end!

The average person, startup, or small business simply doesn’t have this type of ad budget to even begin playing in these spaces.

That said, your business must have a cost effective leads generation strategy in place in order to turn those precious leads into paying customers, and profits for your company. Therefore, you will need to cast the net wide enough to convert the small percentage points and even then just hope and pray for profitability, one day..

Contractor Leads Generation: The Top of the Funnel is Where You Profit

As you guessed, there’s yet another additional pitfall in this lead generation strategy.

According to a Salesforce B2B leads generation benchmark report, it takes around 80 days for a lead to mature into an opportunity which only then leads to a potential sale.  You will need to be able to survive 80 incredibly long, hard days to transition a person from a cold contractor lead to an opportunity, and around 20 additional days in order to close it.

Throw in other factors like your payment terms which can easily be on net 15 or net 30, and you’re now having to wait around 4 months to generate revenue from this activity. And for those of us that have been in this line of work for any period of time knows that not all clients are going to pay you on time, or even ever.

Can your contracting business survive 4-5 months without any new revenue from this activity?


You are now looking at not being able to recoup a single dollar from that $10k/month Google ad budget for the next 4-5 months,  and that’s if you’re lucky to even get it back at all!

Here’s the reality, you need four to five times the original starting budget for generating contractor leads than you think you do in order to simply sustain your business. It’s like working capital in finance. You need enough to keep the lights open until the cash eventually trickles back into your bottom line. As you can see, generating your own contractor leads is not an overnight cure to your cash flow woes.. Jim Beam, however, is.

Now that I’ve hurt your sensibilities are you ready for the good news? All hope isn’t lost in obtaining your dream. Not yet, at least until your ex wife’s lawyer comes for it.

Till then, there’s a remedy to a slow payoff, budget-hungry contractor leads generation sales funnel. This powerful remedy is affectionately called Brand Awareness.

I know, you’re thinking that Brand Awareness campaigns are reserved for Fortune 500 companies that have invested in it for years. One of the reasons most digital marketers might disagree with this strategy is because it’s not easy to quantify by just reading the conversion data.

Contractor leads brand awareness

Reduce upfront costs by using Brand Awareness as a Lead Generation Strategy

Brand awareness is typically the goal of any contractor leads campaign while engaged at the top-of-the-funnel in the awareness stage.

You want to start positioning your brand favorably within the minds and hearts of local consumers. Brand awareness as a contractor leads generation strategy is often overlooked which leads to the Great Brand vs. Performance Marketing debate amongst industry experts.

On one side of the coin, ‘branding’ is like an industry buzzword that’s basically lost all meaning. And on the side, it’s only viewed as being necessary for large name brand Fortune 500’s with the budget to execute. It’s considered a luxury rather than a necessity to growth and survival.

To make it worse, it’s just about impossible to directly correlate brand building campaigns to sales. Therefore, branding campaigns easily gets overlooked by a majority of digital marketers that are data driven focused.

Contractor leads sales funnel strategies

However, when done correctly, establishing brand awareness is an investment in your future sales. Brand awareness campaigns are still divided by a typical contractor leads sales funnel:

  • Traffic & Audience Reach = TOFU
  • Leads Generation = MOFU
  • Sales Conversions = BOFU

A study conducted by Nielsen on under what drives sales found that 60% of consumers purchase products and services from recognizable brands. Familiar faces are two-thirds more likely to get a purchase decision from an end user over a non-name brand company. But, as you might have guessed, that’s not all there is to it.

Studies from Search Engine Land found that around 70% of customers actively search for a brand name retailer when choosing which search result to click on. When you’re searching for “inbound marketing”, did you click on HubSpot or some random site? Exactly!

We’ve been well conditioned by Corporate America.

Even if were ranked in first place on SERPs, you’d probably still click HubSpot at #3.

This is easy to associate Brand awareness  with equaling trust. Brand recognition is powerful in the way it drives sales psychologically.

And once you build brand recognition within your local market, you end up being able to drive traffic without having to take the normal top funnel stage method, which mean you don’t have to pay to drive traffic anymore.

You don’t have to pay to generate contractor leads and lead magnets and all that fluffy stuff that burns money with almost seemingly little upfront results, kinda like your sugarbaby does.

When you’ve reached this point you just have to focus on closing the deals as they come along. This allows you to reduce your operating costs dramatically.

Now it’s time for some good news:

Building brand awareness contractor leads campaigns can be cheap if you take the right approach, aka my approach.

Now, I know what the data says here and I’m going to roll with teaching you Facebook ads, but in my opinion, YouTube Ads deserves mention for building brand awareness campaigns due to the CPV (cost per view) being ridiculously low with the audience reach being comparable to Facebook. The other argument why YouTube deserves to be acknowledged is that on Facebook people are basically wasting time doing things like snooping on other people and clowning around with no direction or purpose. In other words, Facebook users have little to no expressed commerical intent value, whereas on YouTube they are actively searching for answers to their problems, which means that they have expressed commercial intent.

Food for thought.

So let’s roll with learning Facebook ads. Except they “just don’t work,” right?

Maybe, maybe not.

And honestly, on Facebook, it comes down to your advertising approach.

Lots of finesse.

According to Moz, Facebook Ads have the cheapest CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of any online advertising platform, ever.

But try comparing that cost to channels like the newspaper, magazine, and radio CPMs then:

In contractor leads generation, it's generally viewed that AdWords converts better than most other ad channels. But. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option you can use when engaging in your lead generation activities.

Using this method, you’re only spending around $1 per day on Facebook advertisements. That translates into being able to reach and additional 4,000 new souls each day with Facebook ads using brand awareness campaign settings for $1! As a contractor leads generation tactic, it doesn’t get more cost-effective than this.

Given 4,000 targeted views per day, that gives us 120,000 brand impressions each and every month for around $30/month.That’s 120,000 new eyeballs seeing your brand than you had last month. For our contractor lead generation efforts, it’s about the most cost effective brand exposure you’re ever going to get.

Here’s how you will generate contractor leads with cheap branding on Facebook in order to keep your top of the funnel profitable and generating new qualified and exclusive leads each and every month!

Sales funnel for contractor leads

Develop a Top of the Funnel Campaign with Facebook Ads

Self-sustaining lead gen campaigns run continuously and without any additional effort. It’s a continuos looping cycle that keeps performing no matter what.

It can be completed in three steps which you can easily complete right now with me.

  • Develop a new, small/medium-sized target audience based on your ideal user (lawyers, doctors, etc).
  • Develop a remarketing audience focused on your engaged users.
  • Develop a new lookalike audience with these contractor leads.

This lead generation strategy will only cost you a few bucks per day while at the same time create a self-maintaing campaign in perpetual motion.

You just recycle each time the loop completes in order to replenish your target audience. Doing it this way, you will be generating thousands of new visits and impressions to build brand awareness each and every single month from now on.

This is easy to see that new brand awareness equals more recognition & trust which equals more sales, finally ending in less money coming out of your pocket.

Side note: if you want more in depth training of Facebook Ads you can check out my YouTube Channel where I’ve loaded 14 hours of content showing you every angle you could possibly want to take.

To set this up, open up the Facebook Business Manager and navigate to the audiences section:

Contractor Leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

At this point, simply select the create option and new saved audience as seen below (note that I’m building my audience to target for my SEO services so just swap out seo with your business model):

Contractor Leads generation: Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Your new saved audience can be a great initial starting point for you to generate a large enough target audience list for our brand awareness campaign.

Start this process by entering some basic demographic data that you associate with your target audience or ideal customers. Here I would suggest your local neighborhoods you service, an age range of 35-55, and for now target both genders:

Contractor Leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Next, you need to narrow this list down some because you shouldn’t, nor can you target 134,312,399 people with brand awareness ads. Bluntly stated, there’s just not many folks who give a damn about your business, plus you couldn’t service them so please dial this part in.

Let’s start this by adding a couple interests that’s related to your company. Since I’m building out a campaign for myself while writing this post, I’ll use my audience as an example for SEO services. We would type this in the search box and then add it as an interest to target (now, for you it could be homeowner, parent, etc. I’m not going to give you specifics here so you can’t blame me for results I have no control managing, so this part is on you):

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

If your brands services are B2B, as in you service commercial accounts, you would narrow your target list down further:

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Finally, put the finishing touches on your audience list off with a few exclusions so that you don’t end up targeting non-buyers who might not engage well to your brand (the tire kicking type that just waste your money with no intention to make a purchasing decision. Please do not use my example below as yours as it’s not applicable in all situations):

In contractor leads generation, it's generally viewed that AdWords converts better than most other ad channels. But. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option you can use when engaging in your lead generation activities.

Next, save the list by naming your audience something relative to this activity so that you can more easily recognize it later. Now, head over to the Facebook Ads Manager where you’re going to create a new campaign based on the brand awareness objective we just created:

In contractor leads generation, it's generally viewed that AdWords converts better than most other ad channels. But. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option you can use when engaging in your lead generation activities.

Scroll down to where you see the audience section and you will then select your saved audience that was just created:

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Next, define your brand awareness ad budget to $1/day (you can always set it to a bigger budget if you have it and certainly do if you’re in a big market):

Contractor leads geneation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Now we have to build the ad creative. When building creatives for our brand awareness advertisements, we aren’t focusing on converting someone into sales. Try and gun for that like an impatient little child and you’re gonna get your ass handed to you.

That’s not the point here, yet. Offers like that just won’t resonate particularly well with any target audience whom never heard of your brand.

At this stage we have to provide value which is associated with your brand without asking for any favors. Always give first before asking to receive.

Hard sales tactics and approach just doesn’t work anymore.

An example of generating contractor leads with this strategy would be taking your best blog post interest piece and using it as your ad creative.

Make sure it has some helpful and actionable information that say a homeowner can take to save some money and solve a common problem at home. That would build a lot of credibility.

In contractor leads generation, it's generally viewed that AdWords converts better than most other ad channels. But. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option you can use when engaging in your lead generation activities.


Now, you are finished with the first step of this process.

Next up for constructing an effective contracor leads generation machine is building our sales funnel by setting up a remarketing audience from the website visits stemming from your brand awareness blog post campaign.

Before you do all this, you absolutely must setup your Facebook Pixel. You can do this by navigating in your Facebook Business Manager to the Events Manager section and select the option with “Pixels”.


Now click on this to create the Facebook Pixel and make it easily recognizable with the name of your website:

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

To install the Pixel code, copy it and now go to your website to add it to the header file:

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Once installed and verified on your site, head over to the audience section and develop another new custom audience based on website traffic:

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Don’t just select “People who visited specific web pages” as your main criteria, then add your web post to drive traffic for your contractor leads brand awareness ads:

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Getting more granular, we can perry down the traffic by defining the frequency to 2 or more visits:

In contractor leads generation, it's generally viewed that AdWords converts better than most other ad channels. But. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option you can use when engaging in your lead generation activities.

Tracking? Good, now hit save, and you have generated your second audience!

With your second audience, we can bring back our website visitors and narrow our list down even more to our brand-aware website visitors.

Last and most importantly, you should take your newly created custom audience and flip it into a lookalike audience.

That will signal to Facebook to wrangle up more users for you to target who have similar interests and tendencies as your best performers in these campaigns.

This is where the power of Facebook plays a roll in leads generation: Lookalike Audience Targeting

Now, make your way to the audiences section and develop another new lookalike audience. Select the 2nd remarketing audience you previously saved as the “Source:”

Contractor leads generation Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable than the Bottom

Next up, choose the 1% audience size to keep it narrowly targeted and costs down. Later on, you should test the 1% audience against 3%, 5%, 8% in order to find where you get the most value for your money.

Now save this, and you have created your first self-sustaining top-of-the-funnel contractor leads generation campaign in order to generate lots of brand awareness for your business.

Conclusion: Brand Awareness Campaigns Can Lead to Successful Contractor Leads for your Business

Though Google Adwords is still a solid advertising channel that you should use to generate contractor leads funnels, however, you should never dump all your eggs in 1 basket.

Instead of following the same cookie cutter typical contractor leads systems and guru’s mold, step out of your comfort zone and change it up. Like my former boss used to say: “get creative!”

Invest your time and resources in different, off-the-wall contractor leads generation techniques that’s going to make all of your future sales a lot easier and less expensive by qualifying contractor leads upfront at a less of a cost.

You must invest in branding activities, one’s that you have no way of tracking today, in pursuit of an easier tomorrow. This is super difficult for most people and where I see clients stray from the path all the time. Everyone wants the quick and easy buck. Resist that urge!

Brand awareness has the power to drive quicker sales, at a reduced upfront cost, at scale. And when you do this correctly, it can even be a cheaper investment that will pay off dividends for many, many years to come.

Contractor ppc Agency
Contractor PPC Agency Advice: 8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

The right contractor PPC agency can help you grow your business exponentially. If you happen to be a business owner who is in need of a contractor PPC Agency, then make sure you check out some of these recommendations before making a final decision.

As you may know, managing PPC (pay per click) Advertisements on platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads isn’t as easy as you may have thought at first. You may have tried doing it yourself and put in weeks of study and hard work learning everything you could from blogs and YouTube tutorials. You might have even bought a course on Udemy that guaranteed your success in as little as 7 minutes, only come to find out that the 7 minute success was on their end with the time it would take you to get your credit card and purchase their winning system that made no sense to you.

Don’t beat yourself up. We’ve all been there and honestly it took me years to really master and hone my skills on Adwords before I ever saw consistency out of it. That is one reason why I started this contractor PPC agency and continue to use what I’ve learned to help business owners like you get the leads and business you need to grow your home Improvement contracting business.

So let’s jumo into the top 12 costly mistakes that you must avoid when choosing a contractor PPC agency:

Google AdWords certified contractor ppc Agency

Is The Contractor PPC Agency Certified?

You should make sure that the contractor PPC agency you are considering for is certified with Bing Ads and Google AdWords. This is important to see if they’ve passed the badics that Google and Bing have for them to become a certified partner. This means that the contractor PPC agency has taken written tests and passed them with scores that are sufficient for demonstrating knowledge of their various products like search ads, display ads, Google Analytics, etc.

If a contractor PPC Agency doesn’t have their Google AdWords certification for you to easily see on their website then perhaps you should be wary of working with them because to get one requires more than demonstrated knowledge with tests, it also requires that the contractor PPC agency to meet certain qualifications such as amount of ad spend managed, improving client success rates, length of time, and so on. It’s not as easy to get as you might think and it takes probably 6 months or so of managing over $5,000 a month in ad spend to be considered.

Now, by no means am I saying that being certified means that the contractor PPC agency is going to be the best fit and that alone qualifies them, it’s simply one of many things to consider in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Contractor ppc Agency Avoid long term contracts

Does The Agency Only Offer Long Term Contracts?

The customer should be free to discontinue the services provided by the contractor PPC Agency at any stage and time. PPC agencies that force you into long term contracts before providing you with value isn’t the best idea. A reason for this could be that they lack long-term customer satisfaction or may even doubt their ability to show positive results.

Such a contractor PPC Agency could be highly unreliable and engaging in a long term contract with them before you know how the relationship will go isn’t the best of ideas. But, let’s say you’ve worked with them for a few months and you like their communication and results, and if they have a contract that allows you to save money then at that point I’d say it’s fine to have a long term contract put in place with a contractor PPC agency.

Contractor ppc Agency Tips

Do They Have Multiple Certified Account Representatives

You should ensure that the contractor PPC agency which is going to provide you its services has multiple people within the agency certified on the platforms that they’re going to do work on for you.

Think of this as just a formality and another professional approach measure that can be indicative of good contractor PPC Agency.

Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to ask who will be working on your account and for you to also develop a relationship with them so that you’re able to contact them directly and get answers from the source that’s handling your account in order to avoid going through an account manager and others that don’t have real time access which would delay your ability in getting fast and actionable information.

Contractor ppc Agency Transparency

Is The Contractor PPC Agency Transparent?

When choosing a PPC agency for contractors you need to be aware of their level of transparency they offer on their methods of growing and managing your AdWords or Facebook paid advertising accounts.

A contractor PPC agency should have a way for you to get results and information on your account in real-time. Some have client portals that you can login and view on a daily basis, while others will have set weekly or monthly meetings with you to go over the progress of your account and answer any questions you have on it.

One thing you should pay attention to is if a contractor PPC agency provides transparent pricing. Offering pricing tables to potential contractors is important, because it allows you to determine if a PPC agency for contractors is within your budget to begin with.

Getting pricing in the beginning takes out the guess work of deciding if you can afford their services, and you will know if they are overpriced for your needs.

When a contractor marketing agency does not provide transparent pricing, it could be because there are hidden fees they hope you don’t notice until after you’re under contract.

Like anything, it’s just best to be cautious and get all the information you can before signing on the line.

But most importantly, the contractor pay per click agency should be able to provide you with transparency on any mistakes they’ve made and what they’re doing to fix it. Mistakes happen, and that’s to be expected. What’s important is how they handle them. Does the contractor PPC Agency try and cover them up by hiding them or do they play the blame game?

Neither are acceptable in my opinion. Reason being is that we all make mistakes. We’re human after all, not robots. What’s important is the integrity they either demonstrate or lack thereof. I dont know about you, but I don’t want to work with someone who’s unable to take responsibility and lies.  That simply spells disaster, sooner or later.

Results driven contractor ppc Agency

Are They Results Or Money Driven?

Your concerned PPC agency should be conscious about your success rate. It should feel “responsible” in bringing about some positive changes in your business. Moreover, the Agency should not only be “metrics-oriented” and must be capable of delivering real results in terms of financial gains for your business.   

A results-driven contractor PPC agency will want to see your success grow along with their success and view your success as one of their benchmarks for their own success. Of course not every company is going to be successful and that’s unfortunate, but I know that it’s always best for us when our clients succeed along with us. Makes it worth doing what we do every day.

A results driven contractor marketing agency will track the metrics that actually drive your business such as:

  • Revenue
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • and more

These are the important metrics that translates to more business and revenue for you. Above all else, don’t be fooled by vanity KPIs, that have no bearing on your success.

Contractor ppc Agency market trends

How Well Do They Know The Current Market Trends 

Staying up to date about the latest market trends is not only important but really required for not just a home services marketing agency but any professional in any industry. If a contractor PPC agency is knowledgeable as well as skillful enough to understand and capitalize on newer methods and tricks that will greatly benefit your contracting business and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Having an edge is everything in life, and it’s no different here. There’s always little tricks that can be applied, even if they only give you a 1% advantage that’s actually huge in the long run.

After you speak with them and find yourself questioning yourself on whether or not they’re in line with the latest market trends it’s probably best then to move on to another contractor PPC agency.

Contractor ppc agency pricing

What Is The Contractor PPC Agency Pricing Model

A contractor PPC agency  with straight forward and fair pricing policies should  be your first consideration while shopping around. Some PPC agencies for contractors  have “hidden charges” that would create problems for you later down the road (when you are already too deeply involved and not in a position to leave).

Its probably this way with any business out there. If there’s hidden costs and penalties associated with it, then that should scream scam or Something being off and avoiding it.

Most solid and dependable contractor PPc agencies want to produce the best results for their clients. It’s how we grow and stay in business over the long term.

Simply put, churn and burn style of agency growth is not profitable long term because a current client is more valuable and less costly than acquiring the next one. In fact, the acquisition costs for some clients in this industry can reach thousands of dollars and can take many months if not years to recoup that investment and generate a profit.

Contractor ppc Agency other services

Does The Contractor PPC Agency Offer Additional Services 

You must fully understand the charging policies of a PPC company for additional contractor internet marketing services. How will they charge you for the services? Choosing a contractor PPC agency that can provide you with additional services like home services SEO, email marketing for better lead nurturing, and contractor leads and being able to tie all  these activities together is important for a robust marketing strategy online.

Your pay per click agency for contractors will let you know if they offer these and if any of them are recommended to enhance your current digital marketing initiatives.

Its definately a good idea to have other traffic sources other than just PPC advertising going in order to reduce the costs of getting new customers and sales for your business.

Results driven contractor ppc Agency


Before hiring a contractor digital marketing agency, it would be best to talk with them on the phone or over Skype first. This allows you to ask questions and get an immediate response to them.

You should also pay attention to the questions that they ask you as well.

What you’re looking for here is if they’re interested in your business goals. If they don’t show any interest in your business or care about what you’re looking to achieve with them, this is a pretty big red flag that they’re not interested at all about the results they provide you.

Interest is a two way street. If all I cared about was myself, then my actions will show it, and you will suffer sooner or later from it. However, if I’m just as interested in your business as I am mine then that means I’m vested in your success and see your success as being mine.

The two aren’t mutual exclusive.

Also, see if they ask about your current marketing campaigns and even if they ask about your current marketig ad budget.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Paid online advertising, most commonly called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, has become one of the most mediums and cost-effective in the digital marketing strategist. The Google AdWords platform enables digital marketers with the ability to easily reach hundreds of millions of prospective customers around the world via search and display ads. This gives us digital marketers the opportunity to reach people in multiple countries, multiple languages, and do it from one computer terminal.

Crazy to think that while I was moving into the Marines in 2003, Google was introducing a brand new, never seen before advertising feature called the Google”Screen Network” on its current platform. With the ability to reach millions of new users for a far lower cost than the Google search network, it has instantly become a huge hit with online advertisers.

After launching the AdWords platform for a couple of years, Google noticed that some keywords were quickly overcrowded. Popular keywords such as”insurance” and”mortgages” attracted so much competition that the cost per click quickly reached ridiculous numbers. Interestingly, these early online advertisers were willing to pay these super-inflated rates.

So as to make their advertising platform more rewarding and more powerful for advertisers, Google has chosen to launch its display network. By offering publishers a reduction in average cost per click, publishers are encouraged to run ads on their site, while Google has significantly increased their viewers.

Today, users can sign up for the Google Display Network partnership through what is pretty widely known as the Google AdSense. By meeting certain website criteria, webmasters can begin to post the Google ad on their site in a few days. Currently, the network has more than two million participants and claims 90% of the population on the Internet. If you’re an online advertiser, then you should rub your palms of excitement!

More advertisers were confined to Google search traffic, but they could now target users that had never been on Google. With a lower cost per click and a larger audience, this has enabled more advertisers to struggle for the same keywords without needing to pay the high cost associated with search keywords.

The new advertising format enabled businesses to advertise in a way they had never achieved before. By incorporating a range of amazing features, such as retargeting and graphic designs, online advertisers started to have many advantages to using the display network.

However, as it usually is in life, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is. .

If it’s really like people think, then everybody would surely use it? But this is clearly not true. With some experts telling you to use it and others telling you how to avoid it at all costs, who should you listen to? That’s exactly what we’re going to deep dive here so you can come to your own fact-based conclusion.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Google Display Network Benefits

Expanded hearing

The first and most obvious benefit of the Google Display Network is its massive reach. With over 2 million websites in their screen network, this dramatically increases the exposure and reach of your ads. When you use the standard AdWords platform, ads are shown only to people who visit Google and search for certain keywords. If you use the display system, your ads may show to folks who have never done Google search in their life. This is clearly a massive advantage as it helps to increase your exposure and, ultimately, to see your ads seen by even more people.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Display Ads have a Lower Cost Per Click (CPC)

Compared to the default Google search platform, the cost per click on the display network is almost always cheaper. This means that you can always target users who are interested in your product without having to pay exorbitant fees. With some cost per click on the search network of over £ 10, the display network is a great alternative for advertisers looking to make the most of their money.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Different Pricing Models

Pay Per Click can be the payment model that many advertisers are used to, but with Google’s display network, it’s possible to change it to CPM. Known as cost per mille, CPM can sometimes benefit some advertisers because cost per 1000 views can sometimes be cheaper than cost-per-click. If you pay 90p per click, but the CPM runs at £ 10, you’ll benefit from using the CPM model if you get more than 12 clicks. This is a great way to save money and improve your return on investment with high performing ads.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Visual Announcements

Unlike standard Google search ads, which are fully text-based, the display network allows you to use much more attractive visuals. Not only are these ads visual, but they can also be animated to make them even more effective. When placed on the right website, these visuals can dramatically increase click through rates (CTR) and typically result in higher conversions than text ads.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Retargeting Display Ads

Retargeting ads are among the most effective features of the Google Display Network. When you have never used retargeting ads before, you are absent. Not only do they increase your odds of converting customers, but they are also ridiculously affordable. If a user visits your website via a PPC ad but does not convert it, many advertisers consider it to be a lost track. They’ve already paid the click and haven’t had conversion, so it’s time to proceed to the next user?


With the power of retargeting, you can create a new campaign targeting just those who have visited your site. By using Google’s display network, the website tracks users through cookies and displays their ads after visiting your site. By always reminding them of your product and after it on the web, you greatly improve your chances of getting a conversion.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Google Display Network Disadvantages

The first issue of using the display network is that you don’t really have direct control over which sites your ads are displayed on. Google does its best to place your advertisements on the correct sites, but even that does not always work out the way planned. This simply means that there are times when your advertisements could be placed on a website that isn’t relevant to the topic you’re targeting or that you prefer not to display on.

While it’s always possible to stop certain websites from displaying your advertisements, you may have to manually add them through your AdWords campaign settings. This means that if you don’t want to check something ridiculous like 2 million websites all individually, it might be possible that some of your advertisements will be shown on some undesirable and non-related websites. Not only can this become a public relations fiasco, but it also means you will not obtain the highest quality traffic on the network.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Display Ads Audience Refinement is Impossible

Another issue with Google Display Network (GDN) is that it is more challenging to target certain users. An example is if you sold TVs; it’s most likely that you’ll find the best conversion rate if you were able to concentrate on only those looking to buy TVs as opposed to people looking for information about them.

On Google’s search network, it is as simple as adding the phrase”purchase” to the search term to alter the intent of this keyword search phrase intent. However, in regards to the display network, it’s much more challenging to distinguish between the two and ultimately what the consumer is looking for. This means that your advertisements will probably be broadcast to both types of users, which isn’t the ideal way to maximize your budget.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

Website Announcements might not be Relevant

In addition to being not able to control the exact type websites which your ads are displayed on, there’s also a relevance issue at hand. Google does its best to figure out what a web page is all about and then display a suitable ad based on things such as keywords. However, it does not always go as planned, and there is times that it is going to display something completely random. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this possibility if you don’t manually exclude this specific website from your campaign settings. If you want your display advertisements to be shown on relevant sites, it’s ideal to purchase banners on that specific website, directly from your webmaster or site owner.

Is there Any Value in Using Google Display Ads?

What’s Your Display Ads Goal?

Display ads may or may not be the right selection for your PPC campaign based on your marketing campaign goal. Are you aiming for awareness, nurturing, or lead generation?

  • Awareness: Display ads can be a excellent way to grow awareness and create demand for your product. While it’s always a best practice to get as specific as possible with targeting, display can provide massive reach. Consumer brands or companies that want to drum up awareness fast can gain from display ads.
  • Nurturing: so long as you are using intelligent targeting, display can also help nurture leads and prospects your funnel down. Use strategic targeting such as retargeting, similar audiences, custom viewers, or topic targeting if nurturing is your target, and ensure that your display ads support a larger marketing campaign.
  • Lead generation: Generally, display is a bad way to capture leads or push a specific action from a customer, like filling out a form. If lead generation is your goal, target only the most relevant audience, and use CPC bidding instead of CPM.

Are You Running Google Search Campaigns?

If you are already running Google AdWords search campaigns, bottom-of-the-funnel display ads can be a good complement. First, make certain you feel comfortable with the functionality and profitability of your existing search campaigns, and then add bottom of the funnel display solutions like Retargeting Lists for Search Ads.

Display ads aren’t right for each B2B advertiser, but they can add substantial value in the right situations. Still not sure if display ads are a wise idea for your business? A test never hurts.

Marketing tactics create different results for different companies, so just because something does (or doesn’t) work for one organization does not imply it will (or won’t) for you. When it comes to ads, always trust your own data.

How to Use Google AdWords for Contractors

Why AdWords for contractor?

Showing up on Google Maps or even a mobile device when someone has a large purchase intent may result in lots of new business for you.

In addition, it is a wonderful spot for one to balance your entire contractor SEO efforts. I am a big proponent of showing in search engine results pages since you have written great articles that’s extremely helpful for that answer which people are looking for, but in competitive markets, that is going to take a while. By filling in your search engine optimization efforts with keyword phrases you know you are trying to acquire, which you just know have high-intent or industrial purpose, together with Google AdWords is a good way for one to stack the deck in their favor.

In addition, it is a excellent method to maintain more of this webpage one property. You could be found from the Adwords advertisement; you could show up in the local Google My Business 3-pack sooner or later, or even appear on the first page SERP results. You overwhelm the SERPs, if you can, using this method, therefore it’s an excellent method of getting the attention of searchers in order to generate more business and revenue.

Do your homework

So, how can you begin implementing that type of strategy to take over the first page of the SERPs, without you wasting a great deal of cash.

Therefore the first place to search is your competitors. Now, that is not necessarily the business that you compete across the road or within the same city as you’re in. In a great deal of instances, what we’re speaking about is that the people which are currently bidding for your essential search phrases which you would like, that perhaps are already building business as they’re in the number one, two, or three places on Google to get the ideal search terms.

You will want to future out what they’re doing and bidding on. Click through to where they are sending traffic.

Now there are different companies, let us state a remodeling contractor, even in which remodeling is not something which you’ll do tonight, it is likely to be something which you may do within the next few months. It requires time. So your plan on AdWords for contractors will greatly depend on your niche.

Looking at who’s already bidding for all those times is an excellent place to get started. But if you would like to dig, you can observe a great deal out of what Google shows you personally, but it is also possible to use a tool such as SpyFu, which won’t just let you know what businesses are bidding but also how much they are spending and the number of clicks they are getting.

Sometimes, you are going to come across people which are very big SEO opponents and large large pay-per-click competitors also, so they are playing either side.

Learn who is doing what in your area, find out exactly what they are doing this is converting or attempting to convert individuals by checking out their landing pages.

Invest some time into keyword study

I speak a great deal about keyword search for articles and natural search results, however it’s very important to understand what people are looking for when they head out there to locate a solution or a service which you offer. Again, there are a few free tools for it.

It is a tool which permits you to play about and place in search terms and discovers related search phrases. Discover just how much you may need to bid for this search phrase to find the quantity of searches associated with those search phrases.

This is a superb way that you gather your key word list and also to begin pruning and locating what could be the most powerful keywords for your service or product. To a extent you likely know what people are, you most likely have an notion about what folks are searching for, but this tool can help you expand that listing as well as the variants and ways where individuals do all those searches. (Here’s a listing of a few other Keyword Tool choices )

Then, you would like to begin taking a look at things like related hunts. So you turn to Google, and they’ll show you searches associated with your searches. Pay attention to what Google tells you that the bidding is for people, because in certain situations the greater that they are suggesting you are going to need to bidding, the greater the industrial intent may be. To put it differently, perhaps other folks in your business are dismissing several conditions since they do not turn into customers and they are bidding other conditions because those are those which become buyers and also to customers.

There are various other tools you can use to round out your own search.

It is very tempting in your keyword research to consider,”Oh, here is the four or three phrases which get the maximum, they receive all of the volume” It may be tempting to attempt and win these, but there is an superb possibility they’re likely to be a whole lot more aggressive. Perhaps they will be somewhat broad. By way of instance, if someone’s looking for’marketing adviser,’ there will be a good deal of volume in that phrase, but do I understand if they are seeking to hire a marketing adviser, to be one, to understand what it requires from a coaching perspective? It is difficult for me to understand what their aim is by this search.

Start looking for a few hunts which are extremely particular say queries. Part of this sport in AdWords will be to receive your ads as important and near the search that someone is creating. You are searching to fill out 20 or even 30 phrases, but you may place those into little groups of four or five key words that would be quite specific to an advertisement. The nearer your advertisement is to the hunt, the better you’re likely to be.

UnGoogle Your Efforts

Now allow me to enter a place where hopefully nobody from Google is reading since I will explain to you the way you can un-Google your default profile. There are a couple items that Google has put up to ensure you will need to invest more cash than you want to, and fairly much stack the deck in their favor.

There are two or three things when you are getting right into there. The very first one is effort kind. There are lots of locations you may present your advertisements. It is possible to display display advertisements in their screen system, or you’ll be able to display them in their search system just. For the most part, you will want to get started with a search system just. Ensure that’s the only box that’s clicked on your effort kind because otherwise, you are going to find a lot of crap.

The following one is fit kind. As you are setting up your key word phrases, there are ways that you inform Google just which sort of game that you wish to create. The game types reveal your ads to more individuals, being quite broad in their strategy, to being quite accurate. You have the capability to dial up that in, and for the most part that you need to be on the exact, relevant side compared to the extensive side, since people form a great deal of odd things in when they are searching, and also you do not wish to get caught up in a whole group of clicks that don’t have anything to do with your real item. Hence that the default type is called the”broad match” That’s the default option type that if you simply set a key word in there, it is likely to get you items which aren’t related.

The chart goes down the various game types so you are able to receive more exact with your game kinds and you’ll be able to tell Google that in the event that you sell advertising services such as I do, which you need someone who’s looking only for purchasing marketing services.

If they are looking for’the way to find out how to perform advertising solutions, they wouldn’t reveal my advertisement. I really don’t want anyone that wants no cost advertising and marketing solutions! I will dial my game kinds so that Google will not reveal my ad, though it had the expression’advertising solutions’ in there since it had’negative key words’

Have a peek at the game types. So, broad altered, or precise match, are those which you’re searching for. Phrase game is just another one that is rather in between both, but not leave it simply in broad, or you are going to find a great deal of crap.

Optimizing your campaigns

Let us enter optimizing your own efforts. If you’re a local company that you wish to ensure you’re very dialed in about the position of your advertisements. Should you serve a complete suburban region, you may only need to decide on a radius. However, if you can find certain zip codes which you function, particular zip codes which you understand your customers do not come out of, you’ve got an extremely high level of setting to get place. So you would like to be certain you are setting this up correctly.

I mentioned the notion of’negative key words’ from the game types. You need to be certain you are building a list in case you don’t need your ads to display for all those. Among the things which you ought to be certain you’re performing is assess your search terms . As you roll out your own effort, you are likely to discover there are negative key words which you never considered. You are getting some clicks out of items which aren’t associated with what you would like. That means it’s possible to fix that, and you must certainly adjust that since you optimize and continue to check out your campaigns.

You always would like to be tracking and figuring out exactly what phrases are switching, what search phrases are switching, because ultimately that is all you care about. My experience is that however nicely we plan outside and moan, there is always going to be more likely 30-40percent of your search phrases of your ads that simply don’t create the outcome which you would like. You need to be certain you are tracking those in a means to lower the winners and perhaps double back on the winners.

AdWords ad copy

Now let us proceed to ad copy and also the situations which you could do to create your advertisements very, very persuasive.

You have got to catch people’s attention promptly, so if you are in one of these companies where someone’s intent is quite high, they are likely to need to know,’how far is that going to cost me? Could I trust these folks? Those are the types of things which you could cram into your advertisements to acquire as much advice communicated as you can.

Do not overlook the URL. One of those tricky things from the URL is you get to set a screen URL and you get to place a real URL. The true URL is where folks go if they click your advertisement, but the screen URL can be nearly anything so long as it is in your own domain name. That is a place where you could place a few additional key words in there or perhaps some excess branding from that URL. Thus don’t neglect to do this.

Test, test, test — regardless of how great I believe I purchase at any of the, I do not always understand what is likely to be the best advertisement.

Do your very best try to compose three quite good, compelling ads that you believe will make people want to click on. Google wants tons of clicks, so that they would like you to conduct the most persuasive ad.

They’re likely to, really in a couple of days sometimes, be telling you,”Hey, here is the ad that you ought to be operating.” If you only let it run, then they will finally default to the advertisement that’s receiving the most clicks, as, again, they wish to get paidoff. What we do with a great deal of individuals is say,”Start using three, examine them, however you could always return, and as soon as you’ve got that winner, there is nothing to prevent you from attempting to conquer that winner”

Recognizing extensions

Extensions are just another issue around optimization. If you empower them, and you need to allow as many extensions as you can (there is a procedure for doing this in AdWords), Google can make a decision about which of these extensions that they reveal on your advertisements, dependent partially on the sort of search along with the proximity of their research and quite a few factors. What it finally does is it provides you more property. It makes your advertisement seem larger and more notable. If you are in a contest, basically, with just two or three, sometimes, additional advertisements, say on peak of the page or perhaps in search, your advertisement, hopefully, will stand out somewhat as you have added these extensions into it.

But if you are in one of these companies where someone’s going to be in their phone and they are likely to need to click to phone straight away, you then want your effort setup by device type also. ”` In other words, someone would not even need to type in your contact number or click then locate your contact number, they’d click on the advertisement and they’d call you.

It is not for every organization, and if you are not among these companies that answer the phone when folks call night and day, then this might not be for you personally, however there are a whole lot of little tips and preferences like this.

Concentrate on conversions

The final thing I wish to cover around is conversion. You would like to set this up so you understand exactly what is effective and what’s not functioning, and the fantastic news is that there are a couple things that may raise your conversion, and surely a few things which can help tell you exactly what’s working and not working.

Now, I understand this is not a foreign idea to everybody, but I find very few regional companies that take some time to establish landing pages for their advertisements. And what this might mean is that in case you run an advertisement for a very particular set of key words and your advertisement has rather special backup, the closer you can fit the landing page, the page which someone clicks , to exactly what that search phrase was, or what the intent behind the search phrase was, the greater likelihood Google will provide you an excellent score, along with the advertisement will convert, or turn someone into a client.

Therefore, in the event that you’ve got different products, different solutions, different offers, different campaigns which you are running, it is helpful to create pages specific to all those items. Rather than sending someone to a own homepage where they finally must determine what it is they’re looking for or perhaps locate your contact info, send them into a page that’s extremely, very associated with the advertisement, into the key word groups, also has a rather special call to action that’s connected to exactly what that ad was around.

This requires some excess time. You might need to make six or five pages only for your own campaigns, however, the conversions along with the yield on investment to your advertisements spent goes through the roof if you do it.

There are a few different items we highly urge, such as telephone monitoring. We utilize a tool named CallRail and everything that permits you to do is if you are in one of these companies in which you are attempting to create phone calls, or sort matches, so if a person comes to your site and also fills out a form, this can actually permit you to understand precisely where people are coming out, all of the way to the advertisement level to the key word search phrase they typed in to Google until they picked up the telephone and called one.

This type of monitoring lets you remove the campaigns which are not generating for you and if they are turning to telephone calls, then you can even list these telephone calls, you are going to understand if these telephone calls were great phone calls or good perfect prospects. You can get it to the point at which you are able to locate the effort, the term, that’s actually generating customers for you.

When you realize that, then all of a sudden you can ensure you bid up that, which you’re winning that, which you are increasing possibly your bids to get all those critical phrases then turning different ones away. This makes you more aggressive for the things which are turning to customers.

This will begin immediately as people are clicking on your own ads and will begin generating campaigns inside your Google Analytics which can allow you to reveal what clicks are generating what outcomes.

Among the things which you are going to want to know and find out how to make are conversion targets within Google Analytics. A very simple goal may be to complete a form or click to a page where they could discover how to purchase that item or service, and by taking that action, they’re finishing that goal.

Those conversion targets may provide you very, very exact details about what your advertisements do regarding targets and achieving these aims.

manage marketing campaigns financial trader
How to Manage Marketing Campaigns like a Financial Currency Trader

KPIs are due EOD.

Profit and loss statements need to be generated.

Budget status updates have been requested.

Juggling multiple marketing campaigns is stressful. But more importantly, it’s also incredibly risky.

Soon enough, you’ve depleted your budget to the last few cents, and you have nothing to show for it.

Or worse, you didn’t spot the right trends in a successful tactic before spending too much on the underperforming ones.

And now you don’t have enough money to re-allocate to top-tier mediums.

Curiously enough, adopting the same methodical mindset of a financial currency trader can help you better manage results.

Here’s how.

Start With a Currency Arbitrage Mindset

Here’s the problem with digital marketing.

It changes every day. Old stuff gives way to new stuff.

And you never really know how a campaign will perform until you try it.

That saying (1) is unhelpful and (2) requires extra money to experiment with potentially budget-draining activities.

But it’s true.

You really don’t know which playbook, game plan, or actionable tip is going to work until you experiment. The stuff that worked last year almost certainly won’t work the same this year.

Not to mention that every business is structured differently. Each caters to diverse audiences. So copying your competitors or that awesome tactic you read about is also out.

What works for Company X might bankrupt Company Z.

If there were set-in-stone tactics that produced million-dollar businesses overnight, every dude on would be rich.

PPC might be amazing for your friend’s business. But that doesn’t mean investing in PPC is instantly going to turn you into the next Zuckerberg.

So where do people turn when they hit this realization? A/B testing.

You all know those case studies that promise a mythical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I did X and generated a 40000000000% increase in conversions!

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s not that far off.

Most A/B tests fail, though.

They take too long to get results. Plus that whole “bias” thing. And of course, sample size.

You need a minimum of 1,000 conversions monthly for statistical significance.

So what should you do instead?

Implement a currency arbitrage mindset.

Currency arbitrage is a strategy in which the trader takes advantage of different spreads offered by brokers for a particular currency pair by making trades.

Different spreads imply a gap between the bid and ask prices. Meaning, they can buy and sell pairs to make more money.

What does this mean in English?

Place lots of small bets on different tactics, channels, platforms, and mediums so that you can evaluate their effectiveness in real-time.

Once you see specific trends developing (either positive or negative), you double down on the winners and cut your losses on the rest.

This way, you can test multiple experiments at once without the bias and lack of statistical significance that comes with A/B testing.

You get in and out fast. And you come out on the other side with specific campaigns to focus on rather than a mixed bag.

For example, you can’t always control the end result. But you can control the inputs that eventually get you there. And you can monitor, forecast, or predict where those will fall based on just a few days’ worth of performance.

Then, you can fine tune and adjust each ‘level’ accordingly to squeeze out the best results.

Adjusting Your Budget Based on Market Movement

The first banner advertisement ever appeared on HotWired in 1994.

Look at this gem:

Image Source

By today’s standards, it looks like a joke, right?

Is that tie-dye? Yes, yes it is.

But it gets worse:

See that subliminal “YOU WILL” message on the right???

Super subtle. Lord have mercy on us all.

But guess what?

This banner ad debuted with a click-through rate of 78%.

Yes, you read that right. Seventy. Eight. Percent.

If you told any marketer today that your banner ads are getting a 78% CTR, you’d get laughed out of the room.

Why? It’s inconceivable. It’s probably impossible in today’s world.

Today, the average display ad CTR is 0.05%.

Image Source

This all brings me back to one concept coined by Andrew Chen:

The law of shitty click-throughs:

All marketing strategies over time will result in shitty click-through rates.

As more and more people use these tactics, the market becomes saturated.

Users get sick of it, and they don’t click. Or they go banner blind.

You can see trends that follow this concept with almost any marketing activity.

Remember the good old days when Facebook organic reach was insane?

You paid nothing and reached thousands or millions of eager users.

Now, organic reach is almost nothing:

Image Source

As more and more marketers use the concepts put in place, it results in fewer and fewer results.

This is a perfect example of market movement and active management in currency trading.

You can’t hold certain trades forever and expect exponential performance.

Just because something is generating an insane ROI now, doesn’t mean you can ride it off into the sunset.

Markets are constantly shifting, just like marketing tactics.

What was hot one day (banner ads) isn’t now.

If you don’t adjust your strategy based on analytic research and forecasts, you risk declining performances associated with passive management.

Passive management is when you sit idly by and attempt to cruise to the finish line on your current strategy.

Active management relies on analytical performance data over time to spot trends and make informed decisions about what needs to change.

If you notice a decline in organic reach on Facebook, you probably shouldn’t be dumping your campaign dollars into it.

Unfortunately, us marketers (including me) fall into this trap more often than we’d like to admit.

You log in to Google AdWords or Analytics and see some great conversion data:

Your plans are working as you’d hoped.

But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and let the good times roll.

Sure, you can do that for a little bit. But over time, as markets, tactics, and consumers shift, you’ve gotta take an active role in managing campaigns.

Adjust based on trends.

A great way to do this is by analyzing specific topics on Google Trends:

Or even keeping up to date with the latest studies on popular marketing tactics by conducting a basic Google search:

Stay up-to-date with market movement and look at the underlying trends or patterns. Because when people are blogging about it, tweeting it, favoriting it, or liking it, it’s already too late.

Be Cautious in a Bull Market

When everything is running smoothly, it’s referred to as a bull market.

Investor confidence and financial optimism are at an all-time high.

On the surface, everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

Unemployment is low. The economy’s GDP is growing steadily. Stocks are rising.

And your marketing tactics are getting more traction.

But with all of this surface-based optimism comes serious potential side effects:

It now becomes difficult to predict potential shifts and trends or when tactics might change.

Facebook’s organic reach was booming just a few years ago. Until, of course, it didn’t.

Image Source

Now? Good luck. We’ve crapped out.

There is actually a pretty easy explanation for it. Simple supply vs. demand.

User growth is slowing while the number of content pieces has exploded exponentially. Too much supply, not enough demand.

Guess what’s going to repeat now on Instagram?

Right now it’s the place to be for your content. Just give it a minute.

And don’t get swept up by the bull market.

Find your own Big Short

Have you ever seen The Big Short?

If not, I highly recommend it. It’s a great movie.

Not just because it’s an incredible, intense account of the 2005 housing crisis.

Mainly because it features Steve Carell:


Inspirational as always, Prison Mike.

In all seriousness, it’s a great movie that heavily relates to digital marketing.

The main concept of the movie was based on the true story of Michael Burry, a hedge fund manager who shorted the housing crisis of 2005.

He believed there was a housing bubble, leading him to short sell and bet against the banks who thought he was a chump, taking his deals like candy.

The idea of short selling is motivated by the belief that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price point for maximum profit.

And people thought Michael (Burry, not Prison) was insane.

Who in their right mind bets against the housing market when prices are nearly doubling year after year?

But Burry noticed a few troubling trends. He saw that subprime home loans were in danger of defaulting. And many adjustable rate mortgages with balloon payments were all adjusting around the same time.

He decided to throw more than one billion dollars into credit default swaps.

It’s safe to say that the banks weren’t too happy in the end.

Here’s the moral of the story:

Very few people believed him. But Burry discovered the mystical unicorn that most marketers strive to find.

The main point as it relates to marketing campaigns is this:

You need to find your own big short.

Your own diamond in the rough that you can tap into before anyone else.

Your own display ad invention that generates a 78% CTR.

Finding the tactic that brings your conversions up by 10x.

Sounds wonderful. But you know it’s not easy. Because it hasn’t been blogged about or shared at conferences just yet.

But examples of it do already exist in the marketing world today.

For example, Brian Dean of Backlinko raised the link-building bar with his skyscraper technique.

He took a spin on a classic link-building tactic that increased his search traffic by 110% in just two weeks.

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On top of a massive increase in traffic, he generated countless backlinks from thousands of different referring domains:

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He effectively took his link-building strategy to the next level by going against the grain.

He didn’t sit back and ride the wave of guest blogging or other outdated, declining strategies.

He found his own big short.

While small marketing tactics like A/B testing and creating new ads or creative for your campaigns is a step in the right direction, it isn’t the end-all-be-all. Small bets don’t move the needle.

They merely help you figure out if you’re on the right track (or not). And help to show you when it’s time to go all-in.


Managing marketing campaigns is a stressful task.

Big, splashy, high-budget campaigns have high expectations. Bosses and clients expect big, lofty performance to go with it.

Money can get away from you fast if you aren’t careful.

Even worse, you can get so caught up in data that you miss the right trends.

Trends that tell you which aspects of your campaign are winning and which are losing.

Instead of flying blind or crossing your fingers, think like a financial currency trader.

Analyze the data with a currency arbitrage mindset. Keep up with market movement by taking an active management role in your campaigns. Be cautious in a bull market when everyone’s saying the same things.

And don’t be afraid to bet big when the time comes.