Digital Marketing Advice that Makes You Say WTF?!

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Bad digital marketing advice

There’s some basic people out there that wouldn’t have an original thought if it saved their life. Digital Marketers are supposed to be Mavericks, the gun slingers of the wild internet. But, it never surprises me when I see Digital Marketing Advice that’s just plain terrible if not dangerous to give.

So here’s the question that was posted that got me onto this tangent today:

I’m starting a business that makes video commercials that businesses can post on social media and use in email marketing campaigns. Any thoughts on how I can market my business?

My Marketing Advise based on my experiences:

I’d roll out on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook & Twitter with both SEO & PPC Ads layered with AdWords Display Ads retargeting all landing pages visitors to matriculate them through your sales funnel. Your landing page needs to be simple, with the Video present, and have a hook to get small business owners to give you their name and email address. Use MailChimp to nurture your leads to sales, have at least 60 days runway to generate sales and depending if you’re going local or national, have an ad budget of $1500+. Make sure your YouTube channel and the video advert is properly SEO’d. Use Ubersuggest to find your relevant keywords and write all copy pitching your ideal customer, instead of explaining your kick ass video editing tools. And keep it real, your audience wants to resonate with you, and by talking openly about a failure turned triumph will usually due. Just remember that your ad headlines and descriptive text is all about getting audience to stop and take notice of your ad over all the noise present on all social channels. Lastly, A/B split test every single thing, all image, vids, headlines, etc. PS Instagram is pretty awesome for organic growth, one of my favs now, with Facebook taking the booger bus on organic growth now. Best of luck and don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Rock out! ~JD

Shortly after posting my two cents, I encounter  this type of marketing advice:

Bad digital marketing advice that leaves you wondering wtf

Digital Marketing advice can be dangerous to our clients expectations and reality

This is a very dangerous statement and one the person who made it obviously was blatantly blind to what it is that they’re actually saying. First off, you can’t tell a potential client that all you have to do is just offer a good cheap widget and you’ve made it  no such thing as just making it. Making it, in my opinion, is continuous. Never ends.

And secondly, this is almost borderline narcissistic because it puts the blame for any failure back onto client as if saying, well i would have succeeded had you make it better and for less like I said. There’s no win to that statement, and by win I mean a chance to learn and grow. That statement basically frees you from all responsibility and personal growth, Mostly because your ego was too fragile to take heat of failure, learn and then go on to be successful. You just wanted the appearance of success, not actually work and obtain it.


Only Sound Digital Marketing Advice Going Forward, Please

It’s almost to the point of being offensive because the digital marketing industry is still so newbie that people haven’t had a chance to form a concrete opinion on the profession yet, and even more are severely misinformed. And that misinformation about what it is that we do and how we do it is the epicenter of all the problems and downfalls of doing this job.

What I mean by this is that 95% of my uneducated first time entrepreneur clients I’ve had in years past had the notion that online marketing meant 2 things:

  1. Marketing online is cheap
  2. Marketing online proceduced immediate foolproof profits no matter what was being sold.

Digital marketing advice that leaves you wondering what you just heard

And I wonder where the hell they’d conjure that up from? You got it, that guy. Guys like him have caused me to undergo 10’s upon 10’s of thousands in fraudulent chargebacks and other nefarious undermined and backhanded bullshit a person can think up. It’s sad that I had to pay for that comment and many more will because when we plant the seed in their head that we just toss some stuff out and then just sit back and let it work itself out that implies we have to be the laziest and dumbest sons of bitches on the face of the planet. And nothing could be further from the truth.

To be a successful digital marketer, you have to be multi-skilled in just about everything technical and fundamental. We have to be able to see into the soul of the ideal buyer all the while crunching numbers and data while learneding PHP so we can do something like cloak our sites. I know that it has taken me all 13 years that I’ve been doing this to even get to where I’m at knowledge wise, and to me that somewhere is still nowhere. I recognize the lifelong hurdles of learning and adapting and with that said I’m years away from being anywhere close to where i want to be.

Internet marketing will only take itself as seriously as those that are pioneering the profession now. Think of it like that this. Let’s say you made a mistake and were arrested and now facing serious prison time. You gather up all your money and go scouting for a lawyer to defend your ass. Be your only advocate. Be your only friend you got down in the foxhole. Now, would you want this lawyer, whom you’re about to entrust everything to, to sit back on the couch and say, “we’re just gonna let this one work itself out. Is what it is.” No, you wouldn’t be in that attorneys law office for too much longer. That’s not the type of attitude you’d want him or her taking in stance of the fight of your life now would you? No. So how could I find this comment to be anything other than unacceptable? (Not to mention the flaw in logic about the fair pricing and quality of the product, which are so artbitrary and subjective).


I’m going to leave you with this. Let’s take our profession seriously so that the outsiders will as well. What we do and how we do it is revolutionary and brings been prodits to businesses that would’ve never stood a chance in the pre-net era. Digital marketing is a fun and fascinating job that gave me a chance to see what I was made of and ever since has provided me with a good life. A life that I wanted live. Let’s respect the art and science of digital marketing and build it up to be just as respected of a profession as people revere doctors and lawyers.

Digital Marketing Advice that Makes You Say WTF?!
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Digital Marketing Advice that Makes You Say WTF?!
There’s some basic people out there that wouldn’t have an original thought if it saved their life. Digital Marketers are supposed to be Mavericks, the gun slingers of the wild internet. But, it never surprises me when I see Digital Marketing Advice that’s just plain terrible if not dangerous to give.
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