Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Chatbots to Amplify Your Sales Pipeline

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facebook messenger marketing & chatbot

Communication has shifted. This might seem like a cool thing to say at a cocktail party for a great deal of individuals, but for internet marketers, it ought to be a wakeup call.

We can’t afford to get left behind. We have to stay informed about our viewers. Over the previous ten years”maintaining” has resulted in the universal adoption of email marketing, search engine marketing , and social media marketing .

facebook messenger marketing with chatbots

Your audience has adopted messaging platforms along with your business has to make the jump. The ones that do this early will reap massive rewards. Believe email promoting a decade past. The price to acquire a skilled contributor was just a few pennies, and email involvement was astronomically greater than it is now. Fast forward to current, and this exact same opportunity has presented itself. It is time to take the jump and cross the chasm. The ones who don’t will resemble the individual STILL buying advertisements in the classifieds section of the regional newspaper.

Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing channel in the entire world. With 1.3B consumers, it’s already bigger than Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest combined. It is also the sole channel of the size that is not saturated with online marketers.

Even when you already know the opportunities posed by messaging programs, we’ll get to this in a little, hold your horses, it could be somewhat perplexing. How do businesses engage with clients in this new location where purposeful dialogue is held?

Chatbots will be the answer. While great for client service, they’re excellent for promotion. Having a little forward thinking, Chatbots and messaging programs may develop into a tremendous sales channel for virtually any business.

facebook messenger chatbot marketing

Why You Need to Use Facebook Messenger + Chatbots to Place Growth on Steroids

You could be asking yourself why we are so jazzed about Messenger & Chatbots for businesses? The brief answer is that folks love Messenger plus they prefer to socialize with both brands and friends around the stage.

We sometimes speak with those who say things such as”nobody utilizes Messenger”, or”I really prefer my Gmail Promotions Tab”. Listen, these individuals aren’t the first majority. They may not even be the late bulk. In accordance with Simon Sinek, “the sole reason why these people today buy touch tone telephones is because you can not purchase inkjet phones ”

Look at Facebook Messenger for instance. It is growing like mad!

Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Chatbots to Amplify Your Sales Pipeline

Should you throw in WeChat, WhatsApp, along with other popular platforms, then you get a huge marketplace of possible clients.

But wait, there is more! You still have a chance to become an early adopter, contemplating much fewer than 13.5percent of businesses have made the discovery. While the majority of other channels confront declining engagement and increasing advertising costs because of saturation, Facebook Messenger is merely getting started.

Not sold yet? Here’s a few more advantages:

  • Messenger is one sided in the scale of one-to-many
  • It’ll shorten your sales cycle by answering inquiries and overcoming objections
  • As soon as your CEO asks for 3x results together with the identical budget you will conquer your goal.

The Way We Use Chatbots

We’ve assembled Chatbots to address many distinct issues. From helping clients select the ideal size electric skateboard to shooting leads with webinars as an outcome magnet.

Our Chatbots are fantastic for delivering content! Bid farewell to heavy dependence on email marketing.

Nevertheless, there are 3 Chief Kinds of messenger robots we prefer to construct for customers:

  1. Lead Generation & Collection: These chatbots are great at conducting traditional lead magnets such as webinars, giveaways, event, white papers, and turning those cold prospects into warm leads.
  2. Bottom of Funnel Retargeting: We love using chatbots to promote coupon codes and other various offers when running retargeting campaigns.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization: A well constructed bot helps to answer questions, overcome customer objections, match them with the right product, and most importantly conduct sales.

Here is a good illustration of method #2 above. It is a voucher bot we assembled for underside of funnel retargeting. The user clicks a Facebook advertisement and can be taken straight to Messenger, initiating the bot encounter. Here is where things become interesting. This took a 5.6x life ROAS around 48.2x less than a month!

Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Chatbots to Amplify Your Sales Pipeline

The Results

  • 48.2x Return-On-Ad-Spend (up from 5.6x)
  • 1133 Percent Conversion Rate Boost

We have seen some mind-blowing consequences from Chatbots.

  • 80% available prices for broadcast messages (!)
  • 30-40% Nominal rates (4-10x email Advertising averages)
  • 5x the quantity of content downloads and event registrations
  • Greater conversion rates by relieving funnel bottlenecks
  • Greater AOV & Client LTV using upsells
Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Chatbots to Amplify Your Sales Pipeline
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Facebook Messenger Marketing: Using Chatbots to Amplify Your Sales Pipeline
Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing channel in the world. With 1.3B users, it is already larger than Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest combined. It’s also the only channel of this magnitude that isn’t saturated with marketers (yet).
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