Guide to Using Facebook Analytics to Boost Your Advertising Results

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Are you currently taking advantage of this technical information Facebook offers digital marketing professionals? If you answered yes, then that definitely means you have you ever researched the Facebook Analytics dash and noticed all of the terrific goodies it has to offer you.

Facebook Analytics is a strong tool that enables digital marketers research consumers’ interactions with advanced goal paths and earnings funnels for Facebook ads. In this informative article, you may learnhow to start using Facebook Analytics.

What Information Is Available For You in Facebook Analytics

While Facebook Analytics is a free tool, it is intended to utilize Facebook Ads that do have a price attached to them.

Formerly, Facebook let you view just the previous touch point on your funnels. By way of instance, if somebody listened with seven of the articles but bought on the interaction, just the last interaction could receive credit for your conversion.

Facebook now permits you to view the complete interaction route to the conversion, instead of simply the previous touch stage in years ago. As an electronic marketer, you understand how powerful and important this really is to raising your campaign ROI.

Overall, that the Facebook Analytics upgrade added these attributes :

  • Advanced system learning/AI capabilities to exhibit important insights, like which viewers are often engaging with or switching from the content
  • Omni-channel analytics so you can see users that jumped in the Facebook program to your program to Your Site back to Facebook on desktop prior to converting
  • Custom dashboards so you can see significant information at a glance
  • The capacity to Construct custom viewers according to omni-channel insights
  • The Ability to Produce occasion origin groups in the dashboard, Letting You segment and retarget individuals who followed a Particular event route on your webpage

Guide to Using Facebook Analytics to Boost Your Advertising Results

The redesigned Facebook Analytics is among the most crucial updates since the gigantic algorithm shift. Now let us look at how to browse the analytics dashboard interface to discover the information that matters most to enhancing your marketing performance.

#1: Access Your Facebook Analytics

To start, navigate into your Facebook Analytics dashboard . Side note: To use Facebook Analytics properly, you must set up the Facebook pixel. As soon as you’ve installed it and allow it to time to year, your Facebook Analytics dashboard will pre-populate together with all your site info.

When you open your analytics dashboard, then you will see an summary of your analytics. Click Dashboards from the left sidebar to see your omni-channel and custom dashboards.

View metrics in the omnichannel dashboard of your Facebook Analytics.

Click Activity to delve into analytics specific to active users, purchases, funnels, and more.


As you explore your data, you can add relevant charts to a custom dashboard for easy access. To pin data to a dashboard, click the Pin to a Dashboard icon in the upper-right corner of the chart.

Pin a chart to a custom facebook analytic dashboard.

In the pop-up box, create a new dashboard (or select an existing dashboard if you already have one). Then enter a name for your chart and click Add to Dashboard.

#2: Review Activity Reports

Reports would be the mainstays of analytics applications which enable you to comprehend the information better based on particular needs so that you can make more educated decisions within your marketing campaigns. Facebook’s upgraded analytics dashboard has comprehensive reporting capacities. You are able to deep dip your consumer information, appearing at micro-conversions combined with various demographics and occasions. The combinations you may use is extensive.

For example, let’s say you have an ecommerce site and need to learn which clients are switching best from the Facebook channel. Pick Task > Sales into create a record of purchase-related information .

Choose Activity > Revenue to look at analytics related to purchases.

To narrow the data, select an option from the Show By drop-down menu.

Narrow your data by choosing an option from the Show By drop-down list.

For example, select Traffic Source to look at conversions based on traffic source.

View purchase data by traffic source in Facebook Analytics.

What’s really amazing is that you could make cross-channel funnels into test that interaction avenues have the maximum conversion rates. To produce a funnel, go into Action > Funnels and click Produce Funnel from the upper-right corner of the page.

Create funnels to determine which interaction paths have the best conversion rates.

Some Funnel Examples Contain:

  • Users that messaged your Facebook webpage then made a purchase on your site
  • Consumers who remarked on a particular Facebook article then made a buy
  • Consumers who responded a certain way (including Love, Wow! , or Haha) then made a Buy
  • Consumers who set up a program then made a purchase on Your Site

As you can see, your funnels can be quite comprehensive and set any manner that you are familiar with. They have the flexibility to be as straightforward or complicated as you wish to create them.

Add steps to your funnel in Facebook Analytics.

#3: Use Facebook Analytics Data to Inform Your Campaigns

The actual worth of Facebook Analytics is the way you use the information to make informed choices for your marketing initiatives. It is important to be aware that if a Facebook ad campaign is not converting well, it might nevertheless have a positive impact on your general line. These tips can help you find that.

By way of instance, assume that among your Facebook ad campaigns gets visitors to click to a landing page, but doesn’t convert. From that point, folks might interact with a different retargeting campaign that is switching well. Bear in mind that without the first campaign, you would not receive the first touch point that possibly resulted in the last conversion occasion later down the revenue pipeline. The very first touchpoint isn’t meant to be the debut AND closer. Just will not ever be . So get traffic and earnings and that from your mind together with the funnel marketing campaign initiatives.

So how can you utilize this information to your advantage? 1 method is to determine which funnels are switching best and then drive for more people through these funnels that convert nicely!

As an example, if you detect that the majority of men and women convert following messaging you on Facebook, you may utilize Messenger chatbots to mechanically engage with anybody who enjoys your webpage. Or if you become aware of people convert after commenting, do to promote remarks like making engaging Facebook articles with questions to your viewers to reply.

These notions simply scratch the surface of what is possible. If you are creative, you can use analytics information to notify Virtually Every choice you make, for example:

The longer spent on your own analytics, the better you are going to know the breadth of information available.


If you would like to get the most out of your social media marketing, knowing your Facebook analytics information is essential. With this information, you can optimize your participation and conversions, and get far better results from your marketing campaigns. It is like a complex play or murder mystery, the longer you reread and move over precisely the exact same info you’re going to begin seeing new small nuggets of information which you did not observe initially and that is honestly where you are in a position to get started taking these thoughts and putting them into work trying new mixtures that enhance your ROI. Digital marketing campaigns, whether conducted on social networking channels or research channels or native ad networks begin as winners. It requires some time to be carefully crafted to some winning narrative by a trained storyteller, or electronic marketer. Facebook analytics are similar to a pilots navigational controls and indicators which enable pilots to fly in any kind of climate safely.

Guide to Using Facebook Analytics to Boost Your Advertising Results
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Guide to Using Facebook Analytics to Boost Your Advertising Results
Are you taking advantage of the actionable data Facebook offers marketers? Facebook Analytics is a robust tool that lets digital marketers explore users’ interactions with advanced goal paths and sales funnels for Facebook ads. 
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