How do you develop a winning search engine optimization or home improvement SEO strategy to get your contractor website pages ranked?

To be honest, there’s numerous ways to go about this, some which are good, others not so much. This post will stick to white hat’ish tactics in order to get your contractor website ranked in the search engines for your given keyword selection.

Search engines have two types of results that are displayed to a searcher every time someone Google’s Something which are:

  • Paid ads using Google Adwords, which can be shown as “sponsored links”
  • Organic search listings that are the topic of focus for this article on SEO tips for home improvement contractors, and these are search results that are displayed underneath paid search ads and is probably what you’re used to clicking on the most.

Organic search engine results (SERPs) listings are those that are found basically in the middle of the SERP webpage, as seen below.

rHome improvement seo strategy for contractor Websites

Contractor SEO strategies are focused on optimizing your home services site in order to boost the ranking position within your given service area.

Let’s define service area real quick. A service area could be a country, state, city, town, or by neighborhood.

My suggestion is to go granular and focus your SEO strategy for your home improvement business on the neighborhood level, unless your a nationwide commercial service provider. And even then, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and dominate the neighborhood level now to establish and maintain your dominance, budget permitting.

Home improvement seo for contractor websites

See the image above of a SERP result to determine where organic listings are and where the paid listings are by just looking at where I’ve underlined the 2 paid ads listings, clearly marked with “Ad”.

Spider-driven search engines such as Google and Bing use webmasters to audit your contracting website. Spiders crawl every website and score/rank website pages based on how relevant  they are to a consumers intended search query.

A website’s score or rank is based hundreds of factors like authority and relevance of sites that are linking back to your site along with the anchor text, such as this: HVAC leads,  use to link with. Your home improvement website keyword  topics and length of the article and how well you answered a searchers question.

Rule of thumb here is to deliver as much valuable information as possible, while not fluffing the content up to simply stuff more keywords in or make it appear to be very long and in-depth.

Home improvement seo for contractors websites

Also metrics like the time a web searcher clicks onto you site and stays, known as dwell time. Also, if a searcher clicks on your website and immediately clicks the back button, will send big red flags to Google that searchers are not finding any value with your site and that you Websites page does not answer their query, which they’ll then demote it’s ranking and serve something better that will.

There are literally hundreds of other things that affect your ranking, but let’s stick with the one principle that as long as you deliver value to your audience, you will rank higher with time and continued perseverance.

You will need to focus on several areas on your website contractor page when creating a Google SEO strategy to rank home improvement pages above competitors.

Contrafor Websites for Home Improvement seo Strategy

First, the title of the webpage and the url absolutely must contain the keyword, preferably at the beginning of the title and site url for best ranking success. Next, the keyword must be contained within the body of text multiple times and is recommended to begin and end each article with the keyword phrase within. It’s also important to load image files that contain the keyword onto the page along with the alt text containing the keyword phrase.

Other important routines that you need to get into the habit of doing every time you publish is to make sure that you’re using h1-h3 headers and at least one of the h2’s has your home improvement keyword in it. Also, linking out to at least one authority site with an outbound link, as well as a 2-3 inner links to other articles on your website utilizing keyword anchor text are all standard practices that I use each and every time I create a new blog post.

There’s other nuances that you’ll need to learn and do, and the easiest way to do this is by using the Yoast plugin. Toast will tell you exactly what you’re missing and what to do to give your on-site SEO a nice polishing.

Home improvement seo strategy optimization

Spider-driven search engines use robots to crawl website pages by jumping from one page to the next based on links from a web page to another web page, kinda like a spider web is interlinked to build its strength, the same can be applied to conceptually visualize websites linking to one another and the more linking to you the more powerful yours can become.

A contractors website’s score or ranking factor in a spider driven search engine is based on hundreds, if not thousands, of factors such as, link popularity, click popularity, website keyword topics, and much more.

Google is the most frequent spider-driven search engine to crawl home improvement websites and apply SEO rankings to them. Its database now has roughly 4 billion pages indexed and is notorious for finding the most relevant information to display to users.

If you think about how massive an undertaking it has to do every single day, it is pretty awe inspiring even for those that don’t really like the almighty Google.

When Google crawls the internet, it finds websites by traveling through other websites hyperlinks. The more sites that link for you, the more important the engines consider your site and pages on it to be. You will need to focus on getting high quality  websites that are in your niche to link to your site.

Search engines use the content on your site to understand what your site is all about, which in turn determines how highly your site will be rated for specific keyword topics when people search for them.

As a result of this, keyword analysis is vital to getting organic search engine rankings for your home improvement business and absolutely must be the first thing you do when creating a home improvement SEO strategy.

You will need to understand how many peope are searching for your keyword phrases each month and what type of competition you are facing when trying to rank for it in the search results.

Believe it or not, if you are just beginning your SEO strategy for your home improvement business, the fundamentals of SEO are not that hard. In actuality, they are mostly just common sense, like we’ve already touched on.

Now there’s a good deal of science that goes into a sound long term winnng home improvement SEO strategy, because it’s continually changing as search engines like Google continue to upgrade their algorithms on a daily basis.

What I am saying is that you don’t need to have a master’s degree in SEO to make sure your contractor website is well positioned so that you’re able to start getting organic search engine traffic. Let’s take a look at these seven simple ways to build a solid home improvement SEO strategy for your contractor website:

best home improvement seo strategy

1. Know Your Keywords

First things first. Like I’ve said before keyword research will make or break you. If you pick a high competition keyword to try and rank for, you’ll fail miserably. You can not do much without knowing what home improvement keyword search phrases your target audience is using to find answers to their problems which your contracting business solves.

To do this skillfully requires a bit of research and patience. Step in the shoes of your ideal customer of your product or service. How would you find answers to your problem? What would you search for on your search engine? What are the questions you’d ask when you don’t know much about something new.

For example, if you sell organic dog food, your prospective customer could be concerned about their dog’s health.

Maybe her dog has food allergies and she’s worried about the chemicals and byproducts in most dog foods.

Start searching. What websites pop up?

Home improvement seo for contractor website SERP result

Look at the words used in these snippets.

In my “dog has food allergies” query above, words such as “sensitivities,” “natural,” and “balanced” appear. Don’t forget to consider related words, such as synonyms ( can be your very best friend) and groups of words.

Back to our pet with food allergies search. You could consider keyword phrases such as “food sensitivities,” “all natural diet,” “complete balanced nourishment,” and “only natural ingredients.”

Contractor Websites for home improvement seo strategies

Or you can cheat and look at the related search terms found at the bottom of the SERP. Work smarter, not harder.

Home improvement seo tips for better contractor website development

2. Write High Quality Content (No brainer )

The important thing here is to use your marketing ninja sense and create engaging content that’s valuable to your target audience. Valuable content contains information that simply  answers the questions they have, provides them with insights that they can use, and educates them so that they could be better at what they do.

Within the terrific content you are creating, don’t forget to use proper keywords naturally. Do not try to stuff your webpages (i.e. adding keyword phrases over and over again on your content, on your meta tags, on your Alt descriptions, etc) in an effort inflate your website’s ranking. It will not help your search ranking for home improvement (in actuality, it might hurt it).

If search engines catch you (and they will because their bots are super smart!) , they can penalize your home services website by lowering your ranking or completely removing your website from their index.

Additionally, it will not impress your site visitors. Who would like to read the exact words over and over: “Are you searching for organic dog food? If you’re searching for organic dog food, look no further. Our organic pet food site is the ideal place to purchase your organic pet food.” Keep it real, you are writing for a person to read and enjoy.

proven home improvement seo strategies

3. Use Keywords In Your Website Page URLs

Be sure that you don’t overlook your webpage URLs since they are important to your SEO rankings for your home improvement website. This is where your keyword research is useful.

For instance, if a webpage talks about your solar financing product, then the URL for this page ought to be products/solar-financing.

Concentrate on the most frequent and most searched appropriate keyword phrases for you home improvement business.

If you are attempting to choose between “solar funding” and “solar leasing,” select the one with the maximum searches per month and has the lower competitive difficulty ranking.

Home improvement seo

I know the keywords I’m referencing above aren’t the same in the image so use your imagination some. By using to do my keyword research, it shows the monthly searches and on the far right the keyword competitiveness or difficulty to rank it.

KwFinder makes it easy by color coding red for too difficult, yellow for difficult, and green for doable. You should only work with keyword that come back with a green circle around the number (number doesn’t really matter to you right now so just stick with green is go keywords only).

Now don’t be the schlub that finds a “green” keyword, write 500 words, publishes and immediately wonders where the fuck their page is and why is it not #1! Trust me, a new website has no chance for #1 slot unless it’s for Something no one is searching for. You’ll need both time and links to raise it up. And when I say time, I mean months, probably 3-6 months.

There are a few quick and easy (and free) ways to assess search ranking. One would be to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Just enter your keywords to get an idea of how hot they’ve been historically been with search volume. You could even use Google Trends, which is a really fun site to explore.

KwFinder also has a free plan that gives you 5 searches a day. Only use it to research keywords after you’ve found some in the Adwords keyword planner.

And here’s a tip, if it has more than 1,000 monthly searches, you’re not ranking for it for a while, unless it’s a useless keyword with no commercial intent. You’re best bets are keywords around 50-200 monthly searches.

Contractor website titles for home improvement seo

4. Don’t Overlook Page Titles

It’s essential to create interesting and engaging titles for your contractor website pages. Make them catchy so they grab your target audience’s attention, while still containing your keyword phrase.

When they don’t catch the attention of searchers, people aren’t going read all the terrific content you’ve spent hours creating just for them.

I find that answering “What is in it for me?” For my customers helps me concentrate on what to highlight. Ask yourself: What is the benefit they’ll receive from the content on my contractor Web page and why should they care?

As soon as you’ve got that nailed, shorten your name, use powerful words, and make it sexy, like this article is, lol.

As you’re creating these attention-grabbing headlines and sexy content articles on home improvement services, make sure your keyword is in the headline (the H1) and the subhead at least once (the H2).

Using the solar funding case above, your H1 may be “Solar Financing Made Easy.”

Keywords important for home improvement seo strategy

5. Review Each Page for Additional Home Improvement Keyword SEO Ranking

Now that you have created high quality content your target market needs (and desires) and have attention-grabbing headlines to engage them and encourage them to read further, go back and review everything you wrote.

if you’re like me, you’ll find that everything you wrote and thought was so cool just plain sucks (I just post it anyhow to torture your ass a little lol).

In your review, start looking for additional places where you can obviously add in keywords. Can you change a sentence around to add a key word?

For example, on a webpage about marketing automation, “Identify the best customers and convert more” could be changed to “Marketing automation makes it possible to identify the best customers and convert more”.

Also, consider if you are able to produce a keyword phrase by adding a word before a keyword?

When I have a sentence talking about “marketing campaigns” and marketing automation is a key word for my page, I’d add “automated to marketing campaigns.

Do several reviews like this. You may be amazed at what opportunities you miss the first, and even the second time, around.

Home improvement seo tips for better user experience

6. Improve User Experience

This is beyond site content, but decent user experience is becoming increasingly more important for powerful home improvement SEO strategy and rankings.

Based on Robert Berris in his website “Three UX Principles That Help Your Site Do Its Job Right”, during the past two decades, Google has evolved to put higher emphasis on sites which deliver quality consumer experiences across devices and platforms. Though traditional ranking factors are still king, search engine optimization is becoming user-friendly.

So, work with your web developers to make certain your website is simple and intuitive to navigate and that every link functions and takes your traffic to another piece of information they’re searching for.

top home improvement seo strategy hire an seo expert

7. Hire an Expert to Develop Your Home Improvement SEO Strategy

As I said previously, basic SEO strategy for home improvement contractors is largely common sense. However, if you’re able to afford it, it’s best to hire a contractor SEO expert to make sure your website is truly optimized.

A SEO consultant or agency can audit your website and look at how it’s performing against your main keywords. They’ll offer you a prioritized list of action items that will help you take your website to another level.

Here’s the good news: You do not have to become an SEO magician to be sure that your site is well positioned for organic search engine traffic. Just use your common sense and the seven easy home improvement SEO tips outlined above for your contracting website Improvement.

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