July 28, 2016


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JD Parkman

Founder, CEO & Paid Media Expert

JD is an out-of-the-box creative thinker and good problem solver. He helps businesses by using his knowledge of data-driven digital marketing strategies/tactics with a focus on Google Adword and Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn development and management. JD's experience in this field ranges from helping small/mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, such as Intel.

After retiring from the Marine Corps, JD cut his teeth by working at a healthcare tech startup to help veterans returning from the battlefield deal with PTSD. He then launched his own education technology company, in order to help students realize the financial risks undertaking student loans imposes on their lives.

At the healthcare start up, he led the product go-to-market and managed the company’s entire digital marketing platforms. Working for himself, JD developed several patent-pending algorithms to help students choose the optimal college and degree program.

He is good with creative thinking and digital marketing execution from SEO, paid search, website design down to demand lead generation and e-mail marketing. He is also a good full-stack programmer specialized in Angular Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and SQL Database development.

He understands marketers’ online marketing challenges and knows how to help clients solve them. JD is a rare breed who knows both technical (back-end) and digital marketing (front-end). Most importantly, he cares about his clients and gets things done!

He is honest, helpful, and good at setting goals and accomplishing them in a timely manner.

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Monish Tolaney


Mr. Tolaney is an Ecommerce Professional with experience in developing and implementing on and off-line marketing strategies. Mr. Tolaney has a total of 10+ years experience in the following areas:

E-commerce Operations ~ Customer Service (CRM) ~ Online Marketing

Started his career with Cadbury's India for their festival marketing campaign. Then moved on to Dubai and thereafter to New Zealand for a stint in a media company for 1 year.

Mr. Tolaney returned to India in 2005 to join flora2000.com and worked with them for 6 years. Professionally he grew from Executive level to Team Leader (Quality) and eventually to Assistant Manager - CRM.

After Flora2000, he joined The Times of India group in 2011 as a Deputy Manager for their online magazine subscriptions portal.

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Jenny Moss

Creator of Awesomeness

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