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JD Parkman

JD Parkman is a former US Marine that has started and managed over half a dozen startups in education, healthcare, cryptocurrency, and Digital Marketing. JD Parkman  is an innovative and sharp Fortune 500 Digital Marketer  who is a Lead Generation Specialist with approximately a decade and a half years’ experience strategizing, managing, and closing multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns on a global scale. What makes JD Parkman unique is his ability to provide full turn-key solutions to paid advertising, email marketing, and software development.

As a Certified Google Partner and Digital Marketer, JD Parkman has worked with Fortune 500 companies, such as Intel, to manage their pay per click (PPC) online advertising campaigns. JD's approach to each client is customized and never done in a cookie-cutter format. Taking this approach ensures each client receives quality leads that matriculate into sales with a focus on increasing the company's ROI (return on investment).

JD Parkman mastered internet marketing techniques on channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Bing Ads, and Google AdWords and over 200 Ad Networks globally. He manages over 150 web properties which generates over 15 million website visitors  daily which JD arbitrages the difference in what he acquires and then sells the website visitor. JD is a lead generation expert whom builds customized full-funnel lead generation machines that are fine-tuned to the company's targeted audience.

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Sandeep Dhar was recruited to the Marketing Media Wizard Team for his unorthodox approach to getting the job done. Sandeep's passion, self-belief, diligence & intuition truly shines when he is given difficult tasks, which is what we are all about here at MMW. To put it bluntly, Sundeep is the kind of guy who loves to take on the "impossible job" in such a way so that it itself says that "HE IS POSSIBLE".

Sundeep by trade is an electrical engineer with post graduation diploma in Industrial Automation by education but decided against this orthodox career path in order to make a name for himself in the Digital Marketing field by coupling the human mind with modern computing power.

Sundeep prides himself on being a marketing professional with an edgy unprofessional attitude when it comes to getting the job done. He knows how to roll his sleeves up and tackle any obstacle that may come along in order to provide Marketing Media Wizard clients the best possible Return on Investment possible.

monish tolaney marketing expert

Monish Tolaney is an Ecommerce Professional with experience in developing and implementing on and off-line marketing strategies. Mr. Tolaney has a total of 10+ years experience in the following areas:

E-commerce Operations ~ Customer Service (CRM) ~ Online Marketing

Started his career with Cadbury's India for their festival marketing campaign. Then moved on to Dubai and thereafter to New Zealand for a stint in a media company for 1 year.

Monish Tolaney returned to India in 2005 to join flora2000.com and worked with them for 6 years. Professionally he grew from Executive level to Team Leader (Quality) and eventually to Assistant Manager - CRM.

After Flora2000, he joined The Times of India group in 2011 as a Deputy Manager for their online magazine subscriptions portal.

digital advertising ppc

I'm a personal and business virtual assistant with 7 years of experience under his wing. My experience spans from my time as a freelance virtual assistant to a contracted VA for a variety of businesses. I've used my skills in a multitude of different projects big and small from simple data entry to setting up company meet and greets for district supervisors. I treat every assignment I am put on with the mentality that my client's business and lifestyle is dependent on the success of my work. I take quality very seriously in all that I do and strive for speedy, professional, and perfect results.