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We do countless SEO Diagnostic Reviews annually for successful online marketers.

And it is no surprise to us that over 95% of sites are making expensive SEO mistakes... amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

If you have wanted to find out more about search engine optimization (SEO), but did not know where to begin, you are in the perfect location.

You will know SEO can provide you with a steady flow of new customers. But studying SEO is almost never sensible if you are busy running a business. And sorting through all the misinformation and myths to obtain the facts about SEO is like trying to discover a silver dollar in a haystack.

That is why we're pleased to talk about your needs, answer your queries, and help you make the perfect choice about SEO -- even if we never do business together.

Frankly, it is easy for us to share our knowledge with you in a totally free 30-Minute SEO Audit review. Since SEO is all we do. Seven days a week, 365 days per year.

More about that in a moment.

But first, get the actuality. Here are ....

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5 Surprising Reasons Why SEO Can Boost Your Business

1) SEO is not a Price. It is a capital investment

First, understand something significant. Unless you are selling one-off buys, like coffins, then you will need to appear at the lifetime value of your customers. How much do they spend with you annually? How many years do they remain with you? If you do the math, that figure is probably... pretty significant.

Now, consider your customer acquisition efforts like creating an apple orchard. You are planting trees now but you should not expect them to bear fruit tomorrow. And that is fine. As you are creating a valuable asset that will yield gains for another 10 or 20 years -- or even more.

When you take this long term view, you see that whatever you can do to reliably bring in new customers -- such as SEO -- isn't a short-term investment, but a capital investment.

And here's great news: Your less-thoughtful opponents will not see things this way. That really is a golden opportunity for you to leapfrog ahead of them.

2) SEO Lets you bask in the "halo effect" of Google's brand

Consider It. Today, almost everybody begins any purchasing decision at Google. And if they find your site towards the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), it is an implied endorsement of your business by one of the world's strongest brands, Google.

It is like being featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. In marketing terms, this is known as"the halo effect." When a trusted media source such as a newspaper, TV station, or search engine provides you free visibility, it provides an instant, strong boost for your brand.

Plus, when you appear wherever your customers are, right when they are making a buying decision, you win big. Since they arrive at your site pre-disposed to trusting you. Making selling much easier.

3) SEO can be outsourced to free up time for you

Our SEO team operates in offices across the globe: U.S., Australia, Canada, Israel, and the Uk. That means one of us is always at work, 24/7. Which gives you a major advantage versus attempting to do it all in house with your team. Plus, not only are we up-to-date on the most recent changes to Google's algorithms now, we can help you take advantage of these by implementing them now.

And, as you outsource your bookkeeping, property maintenance, and other tasks which aren't your core expertise, SEO can be outsourced to experts also.

In the long run, you get what you need faster and more cost-effectively than if you attempted to learn it and do it yourself. That gives you enormous leverage to grow your business faster.

4) SEO outperforms paid traffic

We are not telling you to stop running AdWords or Bing ads, since they're a vital part of your marketing mix. However, you will need to understand that organic, unpaid search results drive around 80 percent of traffic from search engines. Meanwhile, paid ads on Google and other search engines provide barely 25 percent of traffic.

Yet, what portion of your marketing budget would you devote to paid vs. unpaid search? If you are like most businesses, you are spending around 80% of your online marketing dollars on paid traffic. This means you're throwing away huge amounts of traffic and new client buys -- if you fail the outstanding traffic that SEO can bring.

5) SEO leverages "buyer momentum"

Most marketing, including paid search, is interruptive. You are betting that sticking a sales pitch in front of sufficient prospects will lure enough of them to purchase.

That is what makes SEO so precious.

You see, as soon as your site shows up in the search results, it is like going into the conversation already happening in the mind of your potential. You look as a solution for their problem. This is different from a paid ad, which interrupts and possibly annoys your customers.

That is another reason why SEO can create such high conversion rates and high returns on investment.

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Following is a surprising truth: Nearly 80 percent of our customers come to us after failing in SEO before.

In other circumstances, smart people paid good money to an SEO service which failed to deliver results.

Which means we must operate and receive results in a hostile environment. Because our customers typically turn to us when they are in a bad position.

Yet, we've got a 96% satisfaction rate -- less than 4 percent of our clients have ever proceeded. That is the highest retention rate of any SEO service or digital marketing agency we understand. So, we must do something right.

Bottom line: No matter what bad experiences you have had with SEO earlier, you are not to blame. Google and other search engines change the rules virtually daily. You can not be expected to keep up.

The only shame is in giving up and accepting your present situation.

Why not take advantage of our 10 years of experience and get another opinion on your site?

It's Simple, Fast And Free
We get on the telephone or Skype with you. We listen to your needs and define your targets. Do you want to have more local customers? Are competitors rank higher than you in Google? Whatever your questions, we have answers.

Second, we create a graph of your website analytics, showing you how many site visitors you are getting, where they come from, and other important data.

Third, we overlay a chart of Google penalties to your site on a timeline. Exactly like taking a look at an EKG of your heartrate -- you see precisely what's wrong and when it occurred. That means you can take action to unblock the flow of traffic and customers to your site.

Bottom line: Up till today, together with the 500+ adjustments Google makes to its search formula annually, it has not been your fault. You can hardly be expected to keep up with those changes.

However, now that you have found a way to finally understand why your site does not rank as highly as it should... it is your obligation to do something about it.

Take The Next Step
It is completely confidential. To qualify, you ought to be investing at least $1,000 per month in online marketing.

We are going to exchange ideas about your SEO. Then give you a definite plan of action. You may either implement our strategy, or let us assist you. It's your choice.

Our 30-minute virtual assembly is packed with insights, so get ready to take notes. Here are some questions we strive to reply for you:

-Are Google or other search engines ignoring your website for undisclosed violations?
-Is your site burning through money with obsolete design?
-Which local directories are most suitable for you? And is your list there right?
-How do you leverage Google's new mobile site preferences?
-Are your opponents"stealing" your customers because they have pushed you under page 1 of Google?
-How many of your webpages are being ignored by Google?

You will walk away with valuable new insights. What is working in your marketing, what is not, and what is next. You can then apply our suggestions, or let us assist you. In any event, you are in control.

Step 3: Program

You pick the best time for your Free SEO Diagnostic Review -- by telephone or Skype -- and we affirm the information. Important: we don't require access to your site or server!

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