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small business advertising on limited digital marketing budget

Small Business Advertisement: Big Results for Limited Budget

Finding the budget for a small business advertisement strategy is always a hurdle that pops up in front of every small business owner. If you don’t make enough noise, or if you are not unique enough to stand out from the rest of your competitors, then it is hard to get someone to notice your…
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digital marketing programmatic display advertising

Beginners Guide to Programmatic Display

Programmatic display advertising solutions offers an automated method to serve up customized content to targeted audiences within a defined budget.  For digital marketers, it promises a way to get more from your online marketing budget.  Let’s look at how. The personalized advertising messages that greeted Tom Cruise’s character as he navigated the city in Minority…
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What You Need to Know About Google Local Services Ads

Oh, in my truest Bob Dylan voice, the times they are a changing for local marketing and SEO. Local search is one of the last places left for Google to wring a little more ad spend out of small businesses. The local map listing today is pure gold for mobile searches for certain types of…
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