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spotify ads

3 Compelling Reasons To Use Spotify Ads For Your Business

The streaming powerhouse Spotify has just announced its expansion of its own beta, enabling brands and organizations to create audio advertisements for its own platform. Advertisers may upload a script in which Spotify will offer the voiceover, or upload music that’s 30 minutes long. Accompany the sound using a 640 x 640 picture with apparent…
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top of the sale funnel is more profitable

Leads Generation: Profit at the Top of the Funnel

When performing leads generation, it’s generally viewed that Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising model converts better than other search networks such as Bing or Yahoo. But what about the social channels, because using just Google Adwords does not translate it into being the only option you should only use when developing a leads generation sales funnel.…
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