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facebook audience insights

Facebook Audience Insights for Better Targeting

  Facebook Audience Insights is without a doubt the most robust and powerful analytical tools for identifying your ideal target audience,in your social media marketing toolkit, given you understand how to read the data and use it to your advantage. Audience Insights doesn’t cost anything to use and provides one of the best insights on user behavioral and demographic…
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generate leads to sales leads

10 Techniques to Generate Leads to Increase Online Sales

A business that is able to generate leads has mastered the process of attracting and converting strangers and cold prospects into warm qualified leads who are ideal candidates for making a purchasing decision on your product or service offering. One of the most, if not most, important functions a successful business has to master in order to survive…
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content marketing seen an end on major social media channels

Is 2018 the End of Content Marketing on the Major Social Networks?

Content marketing might have taken a hit when the announce from Facebook came regarding new changes to the news feed algorithm which will impact companies both small and large. Needless to say, it came as a big shock to both industry vets and newbies alike. But honestly, how could any of us missed or dismissed…
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evergreen conent marketing in digital marketing strategy guide

What is Evergreen Content?

Simply put, evergreen content is content that lasts forever. Evergreen content stays relevant no matter the time of year, as it’s always relevant. This type of content grows traffic over time because the content is always needed and can be consumed at any time. A lot of publications produce content that addresses specific events of…
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How to Understand the Marketing Metrics That Really Matter

When you’re running a digital marketing campaign, how do you measure your return on investment (ROI)? In our data-driven world, there are numerous marketing metrics out there, but which ones offer the information that counts? A bad habit that many digital marketers fall into is only focusing on the marketing metrics that are simple to…
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The SEO Checklist for 2018: How to Rank on first page of SERPs

The SEO Checklist for 2018: How to Rank on First Page of SERPs

So I know that many of you sometimes wonder, “Gosh, it feels overwhelming to try and explain to someone outside the SEO profession how to get a web page ranked.” Well, you know what? Let’s explore that a little bit this week on Whiteboard Friday. I sent out a tweet asking folks, “Send me a…
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3 Creative Ways to Give Your Content Efforts a Boost

I’ve seen that many, many folks in the SEO world, of course, naturally, are investing in content marketing because content is the path to links and amplification and search traffic. Sometimes those content campaigns can feel a little stale or repetitive. So I have some creative ideas, things that I’ve seen some people executing on…
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Use as Directed: A Content Marketing Plan for Robust Business Performance

  The chances that your company invests in a content marketing strategy are very high. Content Marketing Institute revealed that 89% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing, while the money spent on this activity ranges between 26% to 30% of an entire marketing budget. I believe that spending up to 50%…
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