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Bad digital marketing advice

Digital Marketing Advice that Makes You Say WTF?!

There’s some basic people out there that wouldn’t have an original thought if it saved their life. Digital Marketers are supposed to be Mavericks, the gun slingers of the wild internet. But, it never surprises me when I see Digital Marketing Advice that’s just plain terrible if not dangerous to give. So here’s the question…
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digital marketing strategy guide to getting quick results

A Digital Marketing Strategy to Getting Quick Results

  As a full service digital marketing agency, one of the first things we do when onboarding a new client is to identify the exact actionable steps that we are going to take which produces a quick result. Quick results, such as increased website traffic, social awareness and engagement, or even new sales are super…
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Secrets to Getting More Clients with Real Estate Landing Pages

Are you a realtor or a specialist in the real estate business and looking to put on a competitive edge and get more customers? This may be achieved with the ideal property landing pages that convert your paid and societal traffic. Real Estate Landing pages for owned properties provide you more control and power in…
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internet marketing agency guide to full service digital marketing and social media marketing tips

What Is An Internet Marketing Agency?

What is Internet Marketing? Before one can understand what an internet marketing agency does, we have to define ‘Internet ‘Marketing.’ Seems straightforward, right? Marketing… on the internet. But no, there’s a lot more to it than that. In this modern era where technology is in every aspect of our everyday lives, the marketing that we…
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small business advertising on limited digital marketing budget

Small Business Advertisement: Big Results for Limited Budget

Finding the budget for a small business advertisement strategy is always a hurdle that pops up in front of every small business owner. If you don’t make enough noise, or if you are not unique enough to stand out from the rest of your competitors, then it is hard to get someone to notice your…
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218 Facebook policy changes

What You Need to Know about Facebook Changes in 2018

Do not get freaked out over the fear mongering “Facebook for business is doomed” type posts! Yes, Facebook is making more changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm. This will impact how content is prioritized in your news feed. This is the same trajectory Facebook has been on for years. More BIG newsfeed changes were announced…
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YouTube SEO 101 to Increasing Channel Subscribers

A good deal of folks do not recognize that YouTube is the 2nd biggest global research engine on the online nowadays, directly behind its parent firm Google. This is unfortunate as your achievement with YouTube SEO is not about posting content, it is about optimizing that articles with the exact same discipline and attention you’d…
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JD Parkman

Building a Digital Marketing Agency: JD Parkman in his own words

JD Parkman: Before becoming an Entrepreneur My name is JD Parkman and I’m a 37 year old disabled US Marine Veteran, former healthcare and education technology entrepreneur, full-stack programmer specialized in Ruby on Rails and Angular Javascript, and now a certified Google Partner and online marketing specialist. I normally don’t look back, but now that…
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3 Steps to Create Content That Turns Readers into Subscribers Like Clockwork

Subscribers are a goldmine of marketing potential. They share your content, heed your advice, buy your products, and tell their friends. They are easier to upsell, more profitable, and more loyal. They return again and again, not because they have to, but because they want to. Sadly, knowing the value of subscribers isn’t going to…
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manage marketing campaigns financial trader

How to Manage Marketing Campaigns like a Financial Currency Trader

KPIs are due EOD. Profit and loss statements need to be generated. Budget status updates have been requested. Juggling multiple marketing campaigns is stressful. But more importantly, it’s also incredibly risky. Soon enough, you’ve depleted your budget to the last few cents, and you have nothing to show for it. Or worse, you didn’t spot…
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