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Secrets to Getting More Clients with Real Estate Landing Pages

Are you a realtor or a professional in the real estate industry and looking to gain a competitive advantage and get more clients? This can be accomplished with the right real estate landing pages which convert your paid and social traffic. Real Estate Landing pages for owned properties give you more power and control in real…
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AdWords for Local Businesses

We all want to grow our business, and no matter what industry you’re in, the truth of the matter is that digital space matters. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t care about providing an excellent experience in the real world. Obviously, that should be at the core of everything you do because that’s what’s going…
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Get Better Landing Pages for AdWords with 3 Techniques to Try Today

If you’re a PPC strategist, your client’s campaigns live and die by the strength of the landing pages. If you drop the perfect paid audience on a page with no offer (or an unclear one), you’ll get a 0% conversion rate no matter how your ads perform. The problem is that as AdWords account managers,…
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How to Improve Your Google Adwords Quality Score

  An ex-Googler gives an inside look at how AdWords Quality Score works. As a Marketing Media Wizard reader, you already know conversion rate optimization is a great way to drive more results from the money you’re already spending to acquire traffic to your site. So today I’d like to focus on another way to…
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