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how to choose seo search engine optimization agency

SEO Agency Selection: 9 Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Expert

The significance of online marketing can no longer be underrated today. Whether you own a small business or run an international company, you need Search Engine Optimization services. For any business to get the required result, it requires a strong presence in the internet world. This is the best way to make your products and…
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JD Parkman

Building a Digital Marketing Agency: JD Parkman in his own words

JD Parkman: Before becoming an Entrepreneur My name is JD Parkman and I’m a 37 year old disabled US Marine Veteran, former healthcare and education technology entrepreneur, full-stack programmer specialized in Ruby on Rails and Angular Javascript, and now a certified Google Partner and online marketing specialist. I normally don’t look back, but now that…
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How to choose the Best PPC Agency

Pay per Click agencies are a big part of the advertising success of a company. These agencies manage PPC campaigns to create the best optimization for your company. But like all services, there are many providers for that service. And like all providers, some are better than others. The same is true of PPC agencies,…
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Top 12 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a PPC Agency

If you happen to be a business owner who is short listing PPC agencies for hiring then you are in the right place reading this article. Here are top 12 costly mistakes that you must avoid when choosing a PPC agency: 1- Authenticity You should make sure that the company you are going for is…
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