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3 Compelling Reasons To Use Spotify Ads For Your Business

The streaming powerhouse Spotify has just announced its expansion of its own beta, enabling brands and organizations to create audio advertisements for its own platform. Advertisers may upload a script in which Spotify will offer the voiceover, or upload music that’s 30 minutes long. Accompany the sound using a 640 x 640 picture with apparent…
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Local SEO Tips: Top 74 Local SEO Online Business Directories in 2018

If you’re a local business, you know that attracting new customers can be difficult and costly. The days of pulling out a phone book to thumb through the Yellow Pages to find local businesses are almost extinct. These days, people use their mobile devices to browse the internet as a way to find recommendations on…
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Small Business Advertisement: Big Results for Limited Budget

Finding the budget for a small business advertisement strategy is always a hurdle that pops up in front of every small business owner. If you don’t make enough noise, or if you are not unique enough to stand out from the rest of your competitors, then it is hard to get someone to notice your…
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