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best practices in the mobile age

Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age

It is not shocking that movie usage is becoming standard practice; particularly in respect to the social plans of small and huge businesses. Video content is being absorbed in a huge rate today over. Studies indicate that video content, particularly on social networking channels such as Facebook, have higher engagement and are typically more powerful…
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How to Use Social Media in 2018

  I thought I’d drop in and give you my take on where we are with social media. It hasn’t gone away, it hasn’t died out, it has a place, and it’s here to stay, but let’s talk about how to use it in 2018. It’s kind of funny, but some of the questions that…
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social media tactics

Social Media Tactics That Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

“Wash. Condition. Rinse. Repeat.” Sound familiar? It’s a common theme for those talking about a routine systematic process. Whenever you settle into a life routine and feel comfortable it feels like our life is being run on autopilot. For cerrtain things in our lives, this works well. However, for others it just doesn’t. When life…
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What Tinder Teaches Us About Growth Marketing

Since the program was started in 2012, it has undergone explosive growth. What exactly makes Tinder so particular, and what do we learn from Tinder’s expansion which we’re able to use to other companies? You have likely heard the term”sex sells” That is certainly a part of the film, however, there are a number of…
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