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6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Traffic


There’s little doubt that YouTube has changed the video industry for good. It’s become the central hub for information, entertainment, and self-expression and as an important platform to increase online presence. Video marketing is a required and integral part of modern digital marketing that leads to engaged consumers, who are loyal to their brands, and product/service sales. With billions of videos and countless numbers of competitors all trying to get YouTube traffic, how can your brand stand out from everyone else? I’ve put together a useful guide on driving quality YouTube traffic that outlines 6 different methods that can deploy in your marketing mix to help you achieve more engagement with your target consumer base.

6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Traffic

Want more YouTube traffic? Start by Optimizing Your Channel

There’s no end to the number of videos and channels fighting for audience attention. Therefore, it’s a requirement  to optimize your videos in order to rank higher with organic reach or SEO in order to start getting YouTube traffic. Millions of people around the world search YouTube content on a daily basis. How your videos rank can make a huge impact on how much YouTube traffic you get from users searching. So what can you do to improve your SEO rankings and get more YouTube traffic?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, behind its parent company Google, and the largest search engine  for video content. Just like any other internet search engine, it uses a complex algorithm to index and rank content in order to help viewers find relevant videos for which they are actively searching.

YouTube traffic tips for ranking higher via SEO:

  • Keywords: YouTube uses keywords to rank, therefore do your keyword research to find out which phrases users are searching for. One of our favorite  SEO research tools we love for discovering YouTube keywords is Ubersuggest.
  • Metadata Optimization:  If any more YouTube traffic then use your keyword research to optimize these components:
    • Video Titles– the more keyword-rich your title is, the more YouTube traffic you are going to receive. Although it can be tempting to take a special and creative approach to naming your videos, you will see a lot more YouTube traffic when you make the title keyword rich and based on what people are actually searching for.
    • Video Descriptions– a solid description which lets viewers know what the video is about and why they should be interested is paramount. Be careful to use keywords in conversational ways rather that keyword-stuffing, which can hurt your rankings.
    • Video Tags– YouTube offers category tags when a video is uploaded to help define the subjects it relates to. The number of tags you can include is limited, so be sure to use only the most relevant keywords and phrases in your video tags.  
  • Regular Posting: Posting relevant videos with consistency is crucial for increasing your YouTube traffic, followers, and search rankings. The YouTube ranking algorithm heavily factors in regular video postings when ranking your videos.

youtube thumbnails helps to Increase Your YouTube Traffic

Choose Great Thumbnails

An overlooked tool that can help draw YouTube traffic is the video thumbnail. By default, YouTube randomly selects a frame from your video that it uses as the thumbnail in the search results. However, by changing it to something more interesting or relevant can make the difference on whether a user clicks on your video or moves on to the next. Make sure you choose a thumbnail that stands out so that it catches the attention of searchers. For YouTube partner, don’t forget the option to upload a custom thumbnail. This is important because the thumbnail image is typically the first thing a viewer sees which can influence them to click on your video.


youtube analytics to Increase Your YouTube Traffic

Know How to Use YouTube Analytics to Get More YouTube Traffic

YouTube offers a lot of analytical tools that are important for digital marketers. YouTube analytics provides you with information on things such as traffic sources, watch time and audience retention, device type, audience demographics, and a lot more. It also provides you with interaction reports showing subscriber activity, comments, likes and dislikes, shares, etc. All of this data is easily accessible and can help you understand who your audience is as well as their habits. Leverage this information to better target your viewers and create content that is the most appealing to your core audience and it will lead to more YouTube traffic.

6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Traffic with youtube playlist

Create a Playlist

Another feature of YouTube that content creators often fail to take advantage of is the option to create video playlists. When organized properly, descriptive playlists can have significant benefits. When you group related videos together into a playlist, it not only organizes the content of your channel for viewers, but keeps them watching as videos auto-play.  This leads to longer watching sessions, which show users are engaged and could impact your YouTube traffic and overall search rankings. Additionally, playlists provide another searchable item for your channel, adding to your discoverability. Sometimes your individual videos and playlists will even show up in the same user search. Additionally, it’ll expose viewers to your other videos, including content that might not be as popular by themselves. YouTube traffic starts with optimization which is essential and you’ll want to edit the playlist metadata using keywords for the best search visibility.

6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Traffic by monitoring youtube comments and engagement patterns

Monitor Comments and Engage with Your Target Audience

Like any social media channel, active reputation management is important when it comes to YouTube traffic. Be sure to take the time to read comments on your videos and your channel, and engage in meaningful ways with your audience. Reply to positive comments with reinforcement, answer any questions viewers may have, and reply with solutions to any negativity. Make sure you monitor for any spam comments or harassment, and delete or report them immediately. Not only will keeping a watchful eye and replying to comments establish you as an authority leader on the video subject, but it’ll assist you in engagement with your audience while increasing your presence and YouTube traffic.

6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Traffic with youtube cards

Leverage Cards for More YouTube Traffic

YouTube offers a variety of cards that can be added to your videos. These include:

  • Channel cards – links a channel you want your viewers to visit
  • Donation cards – useful for soliciting fundraisers for nonprofits
  • Link cards – link viewers to external websites, crowdfunding projects, or merchandise for sale
  • Poll cards – allows the audience to vote on a poll
  • Video and playlist cards – links to another video or video playlist within YouTube

The YouTube Cards mentioned above are useful tools that not only improve your organic search rankings and drive user engagement, but lead viewers to your other content, your website, and more. In addition, compelling images can be added to end cards in an effort to draw more YouTube traffic to the video content being highlighted.


Whether you’re creating for a company, person, or brand, it’s obvious that YouTube has become an indispensable video marketing platform. In order to drive video views and get the social metrics you ultimately want all boils down to how you setup your initial Gameplan to drive quality YouTube traffic to your channel. With these tips, you’re on your way to building a bigger audience and providing an even more rewarding YouTube experience for both your viewers and your brand. 

How to Outperform Sites Ranking Above You on Search Engines

That newest post took time to grow.

It is enlightening and inspirational and enlightening and entertaining.

Easily, one of the best yet.

However, you come to look at your visitors information only to discover that you are standing 70th from the SERPs.

To put it differently, you just aren’t  getting any organic visitors anytime soon.

Unless a mad person is really clicking seven pages profound on Google. And most people who aren’t SEO’s  are not.

All your hard work, meticulous study, and 7 iterations later basically gives you a negative return considering your time investment. Sucks don’t it.

Why in the hell does this happen? What’s the point of trying if it’s gonna be like this.

This is Google’s response: Your article is new, therefore it is likely to take a while.

Oh you don’t say. Believing your freshly published article will gain hundreds of quality backlinks on its own is absurd. I know because I’ve been there.

Outperforming your opponents on search engines is not an easy, one-time undertaking. But that does not mean it is hopeless.

In reality, if you use some of thense SEO strategies, it is very likely that with patience, time, and consistency you will be able to move up.

Why? Since your opponents are complacent,  they believe the SERP positions will never change.

Here is how it is possible to outperform websites ranking above you on internet search engines.

The Best Two Position Factors

By Way of Example, Backlinko recently examined one million search engine results pages and discovered the top-ranking content had a considerably larger number of hyperlinks.

The disparity between the #1 place along with the #10 place is enormous in terms of the amount of backlinks.

You just can not rate high without them.

And according to Google, it is among the best two ranking elements. So ignoring it isn’t feasible.

What about content length?

It is the exact same thing. It is all about the numbers. The more the content, the greater chance it must rank.

However, not in the manner that you believe. Word count for the interest of word count is not likely to get you higher positions.

That strategy died with keyword stuffing and won’t ever return.

Long-form content wins search engines since it is intended to fix the whole user issue in one swoop

Meaning that the articles were made to answer all questions, and show the conwumer step by step how to repair it.

If your articles accomplishes this, site visitors will not bounce straight back into Google to click the next outcome.

To sum this up, links and content quality would be the best two SEO ranking elements.

If you would like to outperform websites above you, then concentrate on both of these variables over any other thing.

Now you understand how important links are for ranking positions, you now must start acquiring them.

However, you cannot just go out and get any ole backlinks. Directory links will not get it done. Paying for non-spammy links to some random dude who cold emailed you is a guaranteed recipe for failure. Spammy links will get you hammered these days.

Many people were caught up in getting high levels of backlinks and neglected to focus on building quality links, also.

Quantity links is not enough. Here’s why:

When a site (such as a directory) links over and above to tens of thousands of websites, Google begins to observe that those links are simply there to acquire links and are what is classified as a link farm.

So Google places less significance on them. Why? They are simple to get therefore carrying less weight for importance.

First off, quit buying links from online marketplaces, or anywhere for that fact. Here’s why. When you require many sites to connect to you personally, not only one spamming your connection repeatedly.

But that is not all. You want links from top DA websites.

So the Actual recipe is:

Overall quantity of hyperlinks + big number of varied websites + high DA = positions increase.

Now that you understand, how can you impliment this?

There are a number of proven tactics to secure more high quality links on your website.

One of the easiest ways is by producing round-up content. This is content which cites multiple popular influencers into your niche.

The point of writing these types of articles is just to get backlinks from those you mention.

Getting the feedback of reliable influencers and showcasing them on your blog post is just one of the quickest methods of getting a quality backlink.

Individuals are more inclined to share it once you mention and reveal them in an informative light.

Finding the highest-quality links is not enough.

Bear in mind that another high ranking element is content.

Frequency and quality play a massive part in content which gets high ranking  positions.

When you rank high on Google, you receive more visitors.

If sites are above you on search engines and you do not have sufficient links to overtake them you can try and post more frequently.

It is among the simplest methods to create more visitors to compensate for a lesser position.

As soon as you create content, you are able to campaign for hyperlinks to improve that pages content ranking.

You’re able to outperform sites with numerous approaches. It does not always needed to be outranking them to get the top SERP positions.

Create Content to Your User Experience

That is evident by running any Google search and seeing how fast they deliver search results.

Nonetheless, it tells us a few instant data on just how much they care for providing articles quickly and efficiently.

This has bigger implications than simply result delivery rate however.

When Google delivers outcomes, they still need users to be more fulfilled.

If a person searches for”seo” and does not click, but rather modifies their search for “seo manual,” Google takes note.

They know that SEO search results were not what they were trying to find.

In the same way, if a person finds your article on Google but exits quickly and clicks on another websites page, Google notes this and takes it into ranking considerations.

They notice your content is not solving consumer issues. And when it is not, you can kiss these highly coveted positions goodbye.

Therefore, what exactly does this mean to SEOs and optimizing articles?

This means you have to stop stressing about how search engines see your articles and start caring about the consumer experience and engagement.

That usually means placing actual emotion in your writing to activate a response.

Or telling a story that individuals can not resist reading.

Keywords are fantastic, but stuffing”seo guide finest 2017 articles” into your name makes you seem dumb.

Trust me I’ve been there.

Someone will take 1 look at that name and bounce

A fantastic way to maximize your articles to get a true consumer is by using Google’s free information mining.

It is simple.

What is the next blog article that you would like to write about?

By way of instance, let us say it is about content advertising.

You have got immediate, actual keywords people are looking for.

You might easily compile a number of them into one long-form bit of material that’s a one-stop-shop in regards to solving an issue.

By way of instance, compose a content promoting strategy manual and include illustrations and kinds of content advertising.

Now you’ve effectively reach three actual searches using one pole. That is relevancy.

If you would like to outrank the websites above you, you have gotta enhance your own content.

Rankings will follow should you concentrate on actual men and women.


Anything past the very first page is not likely to get you some noticeable traffic.

And you can not only expect a place to create links and traffic by itself.

You have gotta put at the job to find actual results.

If you would like to outrank your competitors, you will need better connections, real key phrases, and much better content.

You have to create better content to the end user than the person over you.

When you’ve completed that, effort for hyperlinks.

The more high quality connections you property, the better chance you have obtained at ranking greater.

Outperforming websites rank above you in the SERPs will induce more visitors to your website fast.