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Video Marketing and Understanding Youtube Metrics

Any active YouTube user has found themselves in a wormhole at some point in time. The original search was something a friend mentioned you should take a look at and, somehow, you’ve seen everything from dancing cats to flying cars and more. YouTube opens up a new universe to explore. Video marketing is a force…
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6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Traffic

  There’s little doubt that YouTube has changed the video industry for good. It’s become the central hub for information, entertainment, and self-expression and as an important platform to increase online presence. Video marketing is a required and integral part of modern digital marketing that leads to engaged consumers, who are loyal to their brands,…
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YouTube SEO 101 to Increasing Channel Subscribers

A lot of people don’t realize that YouTube is the second largest global search engine on the internet today, right behind its parent company Google. This little known fact translates to a lot of digital marketers treating it carelessly just like they do with other social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This…
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