It is not shocking that movie usage is becoming standard practice; particularly in respect to the social plans of small and huge businesses. Video content is being absorbed in a huge rate today over. Studies indicate that video content, particularly on social networking channels such as Facebook, have higher engagement and are typically more powerful than just one picture or picture carousel, and more engaging than the times of standard imagery.

If video isn’t part of your online marketing strategy then you need to come up with a way to utilize it so as to stay competitive and relevant. Do not confuse what I am saying here about using video content to improve your advertising campaigns on the internet to imply you will have overnight success.

Here is a few of things to think about when creating videos that will improve your content marketing efforts.

Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age

Video Length

Since it stands, among the most important factors you want to take under account while filming is your length of your video. Keep your content concise and short with a transparent message and call to actions. Nowadays, everybody has a brief attention span or has somewhere to be. Remember that with social platforms such as Facebook users may quickly jump through content that they’re not interested in viewing. This applies to both natural content published by their social networking or friends in addition to paid video content published by us electronic marketers.

Normally, the most successful videos on Facebook have an average run time between 30 and 60 minutes. One minute is lots of time for you to get your message across, and if you can not you have to think of means of simplifying it. It sounds like a small amount of time, but this is more than a lot of time! Studies suggest that 92 percent of individuals use Facebook on the mobile smart device so they are probably not stationary. Taking that into consideration, you basically only have users attention for a quick 3 to 10 seconds so you better make the first 10 minutes count.

Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age

The 1st Ten Seconds Matters Most

The first ten minutes of your movie would be the most significant as a way to hook our target audiences focus so that they’ll watch the remainder of the video, not jump it to another. As I’ve mentioned, your target market is more than probably on their cellular device so they are more than likely on the transfer or brief time. The first 3 moments is the sole chance to catch their attention and pose some kind of call to actions.

Now the actual question is how can you catch the attention in this brief quantity of time? It is simple once you’re in a position to become clear, succinct, relevant and appealing. You need your intended audience to know that you are and exactly what the movie is all about instantly; thus be up front without being overly pushy. You want your audience to really need to look at the content after all. All this ought to be completed within an innovative and engaging manner so consider your intended audience, your business, and intentions and then take it from there.

Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age

Sound or No Sound?

I shall say it again, and again later within this informative article; your audience is most likely onto a mobile device.

Because of this, you wish to maximize your audio content to be as powerful with no audio as it is with audio. Why can you do so and how does this link to cellular? Allow me to clarify; in case your audience is about a mobile device someplace out in people, on the bus or train, or at the workplace, they most likely don’t need to have the sound of this movie blasting out for everybody to listen to.

On the reverse side, perhaps their environment are too loud to listen to the sound like a railway stationspa, or even out on the road. In any event, having the ability to communicate meaning without audio will make your movie that much more successful. Your movie should have some kind of captioning that communicates the message in a succinct manner with no too text heavy.


  • The very best video span for participation 30 to 60 minutes on Facebook
  • People are able to quickly jump through your content.
  • The commencement of your movie has become easily the most crucial, so make it count.
  • You’ve got 3 to 10 minutes to catch the viewer’s focus and include any sort of CTA.
  • You only have 3 minutes.
  • Be clear, concise, relevant and appealing on your messaging and content.
  • Optimize video content to work with no audio.
  • Individuals using Facebook via cellular device 92 percent of their time.

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Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age
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Video Content Marketing Best Practices in the Mobile Age
Studies show that video content, especially on social media channels like Facebook, have much higher engagement rates and are generally more effective than a single image or image carousel, and definitely more engaging than the days of stock imagery.
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